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Or 23 with the Minsky and Doyle Ders school nurse in a New Jersey school district who refuses to wear a mask. He's also discouraging the use of masked by the Children. She has been suspended. They're going to discuss her employment at believe it it's tonight's meeting. Do you think she should have been suspended? Should she be in trouble? 1 802 831 on 1.5. And let's talk to Nick in Howell. You're in New Jersey 11.5. How you doing? Is everything all right near you? I gotta agree with America. I think it's a little bit ridiculous. Have these kids wearing masks all day. I mean, even have him and after school programs playing basketball, running back and flush with the mask on, it's unhealthy. But, you know, I agree with us. What about her now wearing a mask? You know what? I'm a first respondent and the only time I warm masses when I was giving on him. Has given medicine or after they changed that procedure, and then we had aware match because it's my job in my career, but Actually, I haven't really were masters hold time and I'm flying healthy. Well, isn't this her career? And this is when she had to wear a mask and she's not doing it. I mean, you did it. She's not doing it. Why should she keep her job? You know? You know, I wish you the best. I mean, just the hard. I don't think she should lose her job. All right. Okay. Thanks for your call. Let's talk to Michael in Morristown, you're under jersey 11.5. Hey there. I disagree. I mean, I agree with the nurse, Uh, what she's doing? I don't think that she should after people should be forcing these Children. But when Maxie there I have a Child Who's 17. Months right now, so just shy of two years and one of the first questions I asked his day care providers. What is you make kids wear masks and New Jersey currently doesn't mandate if the daycare centers but if they did Will never send my child to any institution, competent human beings and amassed, um To teach them. This is normal. They don't understand it, and they're not terribly affected it as affected at all by this so That's my what about the nurse herself, refusing to wear one? Um, um, two sided on because I also work in an industry and transportation where I deal with the public and I have to wear one. I absolutely can't stand it, but I do it because I want to keep my job. So I mean, I think that's a personal decision she has to make and how far she's willing to fight it. If I was a parent of a child at school, I would be very vocal about supporting her at the school board meetings and whatnot. But That she's a grown person, and unfortunately these air the government mandates that we have and I wish you all the best There. There. There, there her employer's mandate. I mean, those are the rules of her workplace. Yeah. So it's Ah, I guess I don't agree with its own biased. So, uh And you support her claiming that that this that that kid wearing a mask is child abuse? Would say borderline sounded. Was that think it's very damaging for the development, especially the younger they are, She says. It's 100% child abuse. You use the word borderline. Michael. Thanks for your call. Drew in Somerville. You're on New Jersey One of 1.5. You guys doing? Love your show. Thanks for all the information. Yeah, I would have to say it fast protocols and rules in place. You.

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