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Song written by Ashley Mcbride and she wrote it about her dad but we understand it was a song for your dad is well. Yeah how so well. My Dad was That southern drawl line really got me actually asked Ashley if I could change. Her Lyrics said every song he sang was my favorite sound. And I asked if I could say every word he said because is my dad. Had this southern accent that was almost like foghorn leghorn say and and so he's gone now but his voice voices what I remember so much about him. It's still in my head and I think the power of a great songwriter is to be able to write something. That is so personal to them. I mean the song is about Ashley's Dad and for it to feel personal to me and this is one of those songs that when I sing it live. It really does connect with especially girls in their daddies all heart and soul. Aw and made of steel. When I was listening to that lyric about your dad I was thinking Garth Brooks? You had a hard act to follow you know because everybody's dad you know if if you have that relationship that's your I love. Would you say Garth Brooks is anything like your dad. I absolutely I mean I do think that I think that's one of the things about him that I love so much is that my dad was my biggest fan. He was a huge fan of country music. He loved and got to see a lot of my career but I always felt like at the end of the day. I was daddy's little girl and I felt veliky had my back. And he he was there to take care of me and Garth has always said. I don't want to take care of you because you need to be taken care of your independent. You do your own thing but I I want you to know that I'm here if you need me. And he is one of the last things that my dad got to see was garth and I get engaged and my dad was like okay. I feel good now now. I feel like I honestly feel like my thought. Okay Gar Scott this oh I feel a song coming onto describes that but did your dad have sparks that flew Lou from his fingertips. Let's listen to a little bit of a song that you have said is maybe something of a metaphor.

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