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Would you rather with little son Jay's a dude that loves nachos? He's the guru, the soothsayer, the truth seeker, the Askar of unanswered. Actions he joins every Tuesday and Thursday the market and show its little Sanjay. And would you rather how are you? Sanjay? I am doing well. I am here for the nachos. You hear? Oh, yeah, I've seen Sanjay Inhale nachos for little guys got a big appetite. Don't know where you put it off. Sanjay. You should be about three fitty. I got big feet five. Is that what it is? You got the big J. R R. Tolkien feet. All right. So here's the deal. Sanjay is gonna ask us unanswerable questions. We're gonna answer here in studio and I'd really love it if you played along in your car at home, making dinner. Whatever you got. What's the first question tonight? Their son J. All right. Number one. If you were on your deathbed, Would you rather have a pack of Skittles or a pack of Eminem's in for you, Chuck. Also, I'll throw in a pack of whoppers. Oh, like the malted candy? Not that burger that I'll take the pal take Whopper burgers. That would be lovely, Michael. Um, no, it's a no Eminem's 100% of the way. If I'm on my deathbed, I'm gonna tell you why. Here's my explanation. First of all, I prefer Eminem's two skills. But Skittles require effort, right? What? They're difficult to chew, like crying out loud. And if you're on your deathbed, I'm assuming, you know, you know what Skittles are right? They're not difficult. Yeah, they're like squishy and his dentures, dentures getting well, I'm just saying that it takes more energy to eat Skittles than it does. Eminem. Semanales will melt in your mouth. You don't have to do any work. You just put him in there. I'm on my deathbed. I'm all weak and frail. You know, I don't want to Tootsie Roll that. You know, that takes effort, So I'm gonna go with the Eminem's No question about it. Debra Green, who probably doesn't like either of those? No, I like sweet things. So when it comes down to choosing from two I like chocolate more so ago evidence. Eminem's Loti Chuck was the third option of the Walkers. What are you gonna pick, buddy? If you're so wrong, Skittles, but you've got another bag of them right here. You understand? By my theory, though, right? Nobody wants offers. You just put him in your pocket. It will be no one right out. Tuck him in the bed with you. So you're going to get out of Skittles. I need the different flavors. I don't want to just chocolate. All right. Oh, that's a good point. Different so I want, you know, mix and match little different fruit flavor. Otherwise it just eating chocolate, Which is fine. Can I get Can I get the mixed bag of Eminem? Silky was so excited? No, not peanuts. Yeah, caramel and yeah, brownie ones.

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