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Jim Matthews for WWE. Newsradio nine fifty AccuWeather says could be an interesting morning drive watch for slick spots early on this Monday. There'll be a touch of sleet and freezing rain that'll change the plane. Rain by midday the complete accurate forecast. Coming up that's meteorologist Carl babinski right now. It's cloudy. Bit of sleet coming down over Detroit. Thirty two degrees. WBZ news time is three o five missing Redford teenager has been found according to Redford police sixteen-year-old Corinna Turkic cogs well was found Sunday night after going missing on Saturday family members telling w j that Turkey had cogs well, packed a bag of clothes and left. Her grandmother's house on Pomona drive about four AM Saturday morning. There's no word yet about where the teen went or how she was found. A fiery crash has claimed the life of a Michigan family of five. Live in Kentucky WWE Zac, Clark has more a family from northville was killed on Sunday morning on I seventy five when they're SUV was hit by a wrong way. Pickup truck in Lexington Kentucky. According to the county coroner Issam and his wife, Dr Reema Abbass died in the crash along with their three children Ali fourteen Isabelle thirteen inches. L seven Dr boss was a doctor with the Beaumont health system. The driver of the pickup truck Forty-one-year-old. Joey paly of Kentucky was also killed in the accident. While he toxicology report is pending. The coroner believes alcohol was involved. Zach Clark w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Russia's deputy, foreign minister, brushing Beck suggestions that an American citizen from Novi now being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying could be exchanged for a Russian citizen. The brother of Paul Whalen. However says he can't help a question whether the events are indeed connected, David Whelan in a statement. That was put out by the family overblown that is a Roosevelt, and I think. He wasn't actually sitting in a Russian Britain, shall we might not be looking at its travel. How many times into Russia, but rather how many times it's been too many many countries around the Washington Post reporting, the Paul Whalen, a forty eight year old former marine is doing as well as he can as as well as can be expected in a Russian detention center. It's some good news for motorists who drive along. I six ninety six stumpage up. Jay's Ingrid Kelly with the latest developments. Many motorists say, this is the news. They've been waiting to hear westbound I six hundred ninety six and McComb county reopened Saturday. The construction project has been ongoing since April of last year and great weather conditions allowed crews to complete the work required to safely reopen. Westbound ninety the work took a little longer than expected because there was a work stoppage. Then halted work on this project in September. But the issue was worked out and now the work is completed and that's good news for motorists Kevin kind of Hazel park lived at thirteen and Hoover for a long time and having a travel way out of the way several different ways. Every day. It'd be different because of the traffic is just way better..

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