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Staff and coaches we really appreciate now i'm not gonna sit and throw roger i'm sorry well they all the same arthur blank under the bus out there roger under the bus and i'll backup twice but i mean arthur blank so good dude i mean you know they're in a tough position if they say something in favor of trump they could lose their franchise literally if they say something negative than they lose tons of fans like me perhaps even you they say nothing at all then they don't know what happens they have no control over at least that they say something we can petulant like blank did worse blanked statement that i have that here here's arthur blank statement about this whole trump the bockel of actually calling on american people who are crying and boohooing while they make milliondollar ten million dollar 20milliondollar salaries here's here's here's arthur blank weird our very best when we're working together building unity including everyone's voice in a constructive dialogue creating division or demonizing viewpoints that are different than our own accomplishes nothing positive and and undermines our collective ability to achieve the ideals of democracy now children in sunday school we're going to read luke chapter four i mean come on the nfl has historically been a strong catalysts for positive change and i'm proud of the way our players coaches and staff use that platform to give back to our community and strive to be good citizens making a positive impact on this and future generations now you know if he wrote that that's not really him speaking an old i guarantee you of the numbers of nfl owners that wrote such a statement half of them don't even believe in the statement they wrote they wrote it because they have to because again no one wants to conflict and there's this this nfl player in team were so happy that he was down there mr blank was on the field this this poor pathetic multi billionaire who founded home depot we're so and now is just playing big boy games with his big boy club called the falcons in atlanta united we're just so happy he so with us we're such victims here with our ten million dollar salaries cry me.

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