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Jim Bowie had showed 186650 Jimbo 1866505 4626 As we talked with attorney Richard Bell about some of the things you need to consider in terms of Ah, your workplace would you have advice to people in general where they're looking? For work. And, of course, people look for all kinds of things and work to look for pay and benefits and and working conditions of the like, would probably of the the suitability of filing a lawsuit isn't first on their list, and it shouldn't be. I don't suppose, but at least it's something that needs to be kept in mind, right? Yes, I think what you you need, obviously everything you mentioned there are priorities. I think what you always need to look at any workplace you potentially going into is How does it look to you? And how did the people that were there? Look to you in terms ofthe safety that doesn't look like things are being done in a safe manner and helping manner. Because that is the number one test. Obviously, we're in a pandemic, So it's all that more important. All right again. These air just considerations that I think most of us probably don't don't keep in mind a cz. We go about about this sort of thing in terms of most state laws, regulations and the like. What changes should we make? Are there areas in which were deficient or overly protective or not protective enough? Well, you know what I think? I think we all have to stand back a second because of the era. Do it in and just say, Hey. Boy is safety and health important in a workplace. We kind of take it for granted. And You saved yourself. Well, you know, I'm sure it's being taken care of. It's not always being taken care of. So I think what we need to do is to make sure that we have the kinds of state rules and regulations and public health laws. In effect, and then the right kind of personnel to run proper inspections to make sure everybody's playing by the rules. Fair enough, and that, of course, gets in another area. That, of course, involves money to hire inspectors and people who know what they're doing in this sort of thing. And my guess would be that that whatever we have Currently Is is substandard, at least in terms of Ah Oh, the amount of people involved the amount of inspectors involved. You could tell me whether or not they tend to be well trained and well experience. But I'm guessing that the human nature being what it is on such expenditures that we probably Cut corners on that. Oh, Jim, this is a great air because I do a lot of construction law cases in New York. Obviously, we have tons of major construction and unfortunately, a lot of construction workers get hurt. And what I find again and again over decades is that these large construction companies Have a lot of inspectors, and they have a lot of safety plans, and everything is written up nicely and the inspections are allegedly done, and the corner cutting is done at every turn by the biggest companies on the biggest buildings. And what you just said, is right. It's human nature to want to get the job done faster is more money in it. If you finish fast will be no contract penalties and people don't do what they're supposed to do. And unfortunately in construction field is you know when Safety doesn't come first. People don't just get hurt. People die. It's a call from Christopher in upstate New York. Hello, Christopher. Hey, how you guys don't want we're fine. Thank you. I just got a question on the workmen's contact my work report for camp in New York. And so I got a good background of the contractor for 28 years. Um One of the things is if they start doing Camp. On the corner, Butters! You could do countdown, the flu, you could do kind of cold. And it will totally bankrupt state. And everything out. So that's a consideration that taken into consideration with us crazy Thank you. Alright, well, let's let our guest respondent and then you if you follow it will go ahead But go ahead. Richard. Yeah, Christopher. The common cold and the flu are not going to be The kind of occupational illness is that the work is Concorde. You gonna entertain so you don't have to be concerned about that They have certain types of occupational illness is cold. It is going to be one of them. Obviously. But they're a very different level. So I wouldn't be concerned about things like Holden the flow being adjudicated in the comp court that that would be silly, fair enough. More to come. 186650 Jimbo, our number 18665054626 If we talked with Attorney Richard Bell, just how legally protected are you when you walk back onto the work site? Back in a moment. Attention homeowners spending more time around your house Major, putting more stress on major appliances that keep your home running. Like many Americans, a major breakdown could be very costly. During these uncertain times, A C unit goes out. That's 4500 bucks. Water heater breaks 1500..

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