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There pitting everybody and everything. In our system against each other everything is bad. Our system is bad. They have to go back over a hundred and fifty years the. Hundred Years the burn down statues that represent this represent were so past that nonsense. It's unbelievable. We're so past slavery for an example. We're so past the Holocaust even though that wasn't us, but we defended that. And made sure. It ended what Hitler. We're so past all this stuff with the American Indians. beat. You WanNa live. Two hundred three hundred one hundred years ago. We're past that, but now to fuel the fire. Christopher Columbus statue is bad. I mean whether Christopher. Columbus founded America or not at that. That's beside the point, okay? I think a lot of people say landed. He didn't really land on and here in America landed in Bermuda or somewhere. Isn't it the way it goes or something? The somewhere in the Caribbean! Yeah. And maybe like the weather better down. They're beautiful. They're. Beautiful today Cleveland. Go ahead. That's all they can do is is. We're in the year two thousand and think about this. We're in the year two thousand twenty. You sure there's nobody alive that even remembers was part of slavery. And we're using that to fuel the fire slavery right now. Slavery. It's two thousand and twenty emancipation proclamation was what eighteen sixty eight. Is Kyle the news. It's four Oh. Four. The Cleveland National Air. Show canceled due to Kobe nineteen or show executive director Kim Del says that they'll regrettable. The action was necessary to protect the spectators, exhibitors, volunteers, vendors, performers, concessionaires, sponsors and employees. The air show has been a northeast Ohio Labor Day weekend tradition since nineteen, sixty, four, attracting between sixty and one hundred thousand visitors to Lakefront airport, and making it. One of the region's largest annual events on average airshow draws attendees from thirty five states and several countries. I'm Rob Bailey W. T. A. M. News Ohio. Residents are now permitted to dance at bars, restaurants and banquet halls, and amended public health order, says open concrete areas or allowed to be open, but social distancing guidelines must be followed. Crowd sizes at banquet halls must be limited to three hundred. Yes. The clevelanders for public transit hosting a free mask giveaway at Shaker Square Saturday, two o'clock for all public transportation users, sleet organizers Dana Beverage. It's really important to us to make sure that everybody has the ability to take. Health cautions like wearing a mask. If they rely on transfer during Kobe, she has masks are cloth and can be reused an exclusive interview interview with Fox's Harris Faulkner president trump expressing his disbelief over Seattle's Capitol Hill autonomous. Zone you look at Seattle that what's that all about how? How do they allow that to happen? That's just a bad philosophy. Protesters took over the streets in front of a police precinct. Have now barricaded themselves in the president threatened intervention. If the Seattle mayor in Washington governor don't take back their streets, and racism and discrimination continues to make headlines whether it's peaceful protests, violence kids may have a few questions about it. Cleveland Clinic Children's psychologists dodger. Emily mud says it's important to teach them to be kind respectful to all people and to stand up for equality. Families, hands send is that people are all equal. That is a really good message. Just enter children, but unfortunately that is message that white children are receiving and black children are receiving a message that people may not like them because of the color of the skin. That's not okay, so we need to teach children to not only be allies to be activist. She adds including children and diverse activities in groups while they're young, can also help decrease decrease prejudice on Wall Street the now currently up one point nine percent that's four hundred and seventy seven points and Nasdaq up one percent. That's ninety six points in the S. and P. Five hundred up one point three percent that is about thirty nine points. Am Sports camps in the NFL this summer that means the first on the field workouts for the browns won't begin until the opening training camp July. Twenty eighth and ESPN is reporting the browns and Defensive End Myles. Garrett are working on a megadeal. Garrett still has two years left on his rookie contract. No word what a massive deal would mean annually but pass rushers. Sanchez Chicago's Khalil, Mack and the cowboys, demarcus Lawrence average, twenty three and a half, million and twenty one million dollars a year respectively I'm home of the Indians Cavaliers Carmen Angelo newsradio am eleven hundred. Traffic and weather together mornings and afternoons. Levin hundred. Coppola Gray texture. Before we go back to the phone lines, you can text us at two one, zero, nine, five brought to you by absolute roofing. to one zero nine five. You text us. Or you can call us to one six five seven hundred eleven hundred. Or. Two, one, six, five, seven, eight, one, one one one. Look at the ages of most protesters. We're seeing the real results of how our kids have. been educated the last ten fifteen years. They have been told our kids that America is evil in our founding is wronged. Another text. Drift. The devil is smiling ear to ear right now. Data's being forced out of the pitcher. And people are surprised. Guide is losing his patience. I would agree with that. Definitely agree. You found the cruise. Jeff quote yes Nikita, Khrushchev at the Polish embassy in Moscow, November eighteen, thousand, nine, hundred fifty six trips, said we will take America, without firing a shot, we will bury you. We can't expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism until they awaken one day. The find that they have communism. We do not have to invade the United States. We will destroy you from within. That was set in nineteen fifty-six forty four sixty four years ago and I remember learning that in grade school and High School Khrushchev's quote. Of course they don't teach that anymore. Probably young kids in their teens if they're listening twenties, maybe even thirty of probably never even heard that quote. By Cruise Jeff. we were taught that when we're in school. And that's exactly what is happening. I'll have carmen. Read it again, just the second. So you can absorb it word by word. And this is what I told you. We have politicians in this country that technically are Americans..

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