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The country of the process called oxidative phosphorylation in that process is is not necessarily depending on on glucose but is dependent on the deficient mighty control function so we talked about nad dependent enzyme many of these enzyme resides in the mitochondria and we found that for example the nad supplementation that's as is being tested in a variety of aging model requires surtee three quite often medical to india think tonight riboside yes yes for for example the paper we published was focused on the agents associated our noiseinduced a loss of hearing so if you actually subject nuys or humans to very acute hearing acute noise they they have a a a dosedependent loss of hearing you can protect them ice completely from this effect by a soup lamenting with nad while with nicotinamide riboside so if you're going to a rock you want to protect yourself and this is definitely somehow the apes and writers in mice it actually had an enormous effect and we founded this effect was dependent on so teeth research between knockout nice the effect was lost do you now say the on if that was dependent thirty three in the mitochondria out of stem cells because in the or was it just any salary so now in the case of hearing lost its dependent on some really uniquely sensitive cells in the in the inner ear but generally there there's been a sort of an assumption in the field that most of the effect of nicotinamide riboside protective effect our dependence t one i think in in yes and in some cases it is in in this particular case notion use hearing lost it was pretty clearly so three so even studies that have looked at for example i think.

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