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But what I would insert there is we're now coming into the limit hypothesis as it's known, which is the higher concentration of LDL in your vascular system leads to a higher rate of heart disease because of what we call atherosclerosis the plaque and the arteries, right, Dave, let me just throw a monkey wrench in there. There's also the particle size of the deal that comes into play as that. That's the real thing. No, no, those particle sizes. We out the out. Yeah. Large fluffy, and you have versus. All right. Yeah. And what and what I would say is. Well, this is passed around in low carb community a lot which is you find if you on a low carb diet, you tend to find that your LDL particles are big and fluffy in the terminology that the uses its pattern a versus pattern be which is you ever preponderance of your LDL particles, looking small dents and the sm- in the small dense pattern be is got a much higher association with cardiovascular disease, and when I'm going to say to you as an engineer is I think that it's being looked at backwards. I think that your your lipids are a reflection of your state of your metabolic state and potentially your disease state much more than they are the drivers. In other words, why is it that when you change your diet? Get these patterns would change they change because clearly they do have a metabolic connection. That's that's why I Mabel to move my LDL up and down you've seen, of course, the inversion pattern. I've showed how I can move my cholesterol down bay based on how much meeting that exploited people. Well, and this is this is a graph. We may need to share. If you're putting this up in the show. You could on Twitter them. Yeah. It's on Twitter in its in presentations, and so forth. I'm I'm able to move my cholesterol down substantially the first public presentation my data, which was in October twenty sixteen I had built an experiment around that conference. So that on the Friday before I had taken a blood draw and then on the following Sunday. I then went ahead and did a presentation where I said bet my reputation all my did everything on the testimony. Take tomorrow, my elbow cholesterol, be substantially less and everybody watched that throughout the conference. I was just showing down on fatty meats cheeses and heavy whipping cream shakes, everything, right and sure enough. My LDL vad lab verified had dropped a seventy three milligrams per deciliter, my elbow particle count. The audio P had dropped by one thousand one hundred fifteen points and. The reason I knew that this would happen is because getting back to these veal belts. There's another kind of boat called a Kyla Micron. That's also a lipoprotein in that gets formed in your gut which gets packaged with triglycerides from food. You just ate. So if I eat a whole lot of fatty foods, I'm packaging up a lot of that into Kyla microns that has a whole interplay with the current system where like the insulin gets a little bit higher and so forth. And then what happens is there's a limit of VO boats that are shipped out and some large scale, it makes sense. I'm saying to my body. Hey, we've got an abundance of fatty energy coming don't spent some ships don't need to send out as many that are from storage. And therefore if there's less field yells deliver storage yet from from liver. Search if there's less field heels, they'll be therefore less successive LDL's. Therefore, my LLC will drop way. Now, we have a dangling question. So the audience sitting there going. Wait a minute. Dave started this whole diatribe by mentioning that. Right. When you go in the ketogenic, diet, your LDL skyrocket..

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