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Yeah clark said something early on in this process about You know there hasn't been a two thousand nineteen there hasn't been in two thousand and twenty times very different Than they've been in the past and we're we're all in a different space One of the things that really resonated with me and with others in our organization about the platforms we picked and specifically the voting platform was in this day and age with all the discord to find a platform that everyone in our organization can get the nonpartisan but is about getting people to express and use their voice to make their choice. And patrick really well the other day. I'll i'll promoting is go get registered and use your voice. Make your decisions for you personally. Use your voice And i've said this before we're an organization family and thinking about family is we and we're example this. We got representatives on all ending to the spectrum from a political standpoint from all kinds of different standpoint. so i'm trying to find some platform that we could all get behind Is not always easy. And this one really resonated with a lot of our players a lot of organization. I would tell you that it's your energy point You know the energy around this project in our building has been really charts and again in the space where he and right now when you got two hundred plus employees and many of them in that younger generation. They are looking for ways to be helpful. They're looking ways to participate and be active. And in that demographic we've got a wide spectrum of us this is a great place where they can come together at a time when it's really hard for us physically now to come together It's been there's been a lot of energy in the building and there's a lot of real joy Today in staff that have been working here since about three thirty this morning. Steve loss but steve..

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