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Oregon and California in creating a western states packed to decide together when to start reopening the economy's here's couples having a toss up the governor says the rate of infection and the rate of people dying need to go down before there was a large scale re opening the second step is we have to have confidence that our testing and contact tracing protocols are scientifically based enough and and robust enough and resource well enough the governor says re opening will depend on what data says you don't production so that cases will keep falling if we continue your physical distance the projections also show if we stop physical distancing by April twenty second death would continue to go down but they will start going back in June and July Isley's announcement coming a few hours after president trump proclaimed that he alone has total authority to determine how and when to relax the nation's social distancing guidelines a drive through testing site and gets up county reopening today with expanded testing capacity as we hear from couples Nick problem in Bremerton all in all it's a quick process according to community based testing site manager Melinda green they're really on site less than six minutes this site in Bremerton which opened last week is being adjusted back to local control and is now allowing people sixty and older another essential workers to get tested on one condition we're doing testing for those individuals that have symptoms like shortness of breath fever or cough eight minutes cars with people coming to the site can get tested to find out if they have called it nineteen once again the schools that problem it wicks of isolation and social distancing have left you feeling anxious or depressed UW psychologists say you're not alone now they want to hear from you in hopes of helping others couples Corwin hate we're social creatures we humans isolation is bound to feel weird says uta professor Jonathan cantor if you are one of those people who's just feeling this really strongly you're sort of waking up every morning and feeling more anxious and overwhelmed and you can't quite put your finger on it actually nice this is actually normal.

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