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I think number one now. My office coordinator doesn't have to talk to you guys. That's that's going to be. That's going to be V. Right and I mean the thing is listen I for the last four years I have had an office coordinator and by position and by title and and yet when it comes to Game Game Day decisions game calls. I'm the one that's calling the place so the office coordinator doesn't do that. And so I. I thought long and hard about this and it's why I took my time this off season. You know with these decisions with rich putting him in a in a in a senior offensive position and in promoting press to a pass game coordinator. I I really feel like that. That in order for us to grow. I've got to give him more as a coach. I got put more on his plate. I want him in a quarterback's Rome I still want him to be around. Carson in the guys and he's done outstanding job there but at the same time I want him to have more of a of you know his fingerprints on game plants and then rich comes in. He helps bridge the gap with with coached outline as the run game coordinator in now press and bringing all those pieces together along with myself and having such a collaborative game plan approach allows us to really have more I think a better sense of of our game plan that we're going into each each game risk so I just made that decision and obviously with it ultimately is. It comes down to me on Game Day with Colin Place Evaluation Process. That you consider giving up play call. No no not yet not yet. That's the part that keeps me. Attach support keeps me..

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