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That. And billion maybe takes that to heart. But there's a difference between trying to do it and taking it. Heart and actually implementing it doing that against a multidimensional fighter. Like canelo is a whole different ballgame. I'm not in any way downgrading. What fury did against wilder by. I think we can agree that. Wow there's a much more one dimensional fighter thinking mellow is. I just don't see even if he tries to change it up and go at him. That's like walking in my opinion because of his versatility as like walking into the propeller he's going to have to take out of his comfort zone. And i think that's what some of this this week has been about in the last couple of weeks trying to get under the skin but then a lot of guys have tried to do that dating so it will joy mayweather triple g. Go down the list. I mean even like kovolev to a cola daniel j because they had a little face to face pushing match at the way in like everybody's guys have tried that with canal brunei's fourth covered a lot of fights. I mean the guy. Fawkes promoter hated me. He's unflappable fellow. Alvarez is one of the most mentally strong fighters not just of since i've covered boxing. But even when you read about other fighters he just has something in his mind. He just has that unbreakable. Like no one's gonna mess him up on his game plan. I mean even with me. When he was a baby and he lost the fight he never liked. Got out of sorts in that fight. Floyd didn't really rough limb and or or get him off his game or make him do something that was unusual or anything like that Kelo knows who he is. He knows what he can do as very confident. And i don't think. Billy joe centers. Do anything no matter what he says or does in the buildup to this fight. That's going to take him off his game plan. Part of that's because of canal zone Mental focus part of. It's because of the team around him keeps in that way you know he knows. It's his event Billy is is You know you gotta have two guys in the ring. But he knows he's coming to see him nothing he's gonna do. No threats of leaving texas because the ring was two feet different than what he wanted or or anything like that. I just don't see it. Not to look past billy joe saunders. Let's look past. The balloon does that we can do that. Kells made it clear he wants to win. All four pieces of the super middleweight title. Become the first fighter to ever win. Four belts that means beating caled plant. I don't have a lot of confidence. That fights going to happen in september. I gotta be honest. let me tell you why. Look it began to germinate for me last weekend. Maybe before that but last weekend when when kayla plaid today interview on the areola pay per view. brian kenny. Our good friend was trying to walk him towards like a conversation and he really wasn't going there like he wasn't willing to even say can lows name. I don't think and that kind of struck me as all he has said that though. That's not like i mean. I've interviewed caleb in the recent past. And he's what i'm saying..

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