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A frantic rescue effort underway right now at florida international university in miami a pedestrian bridge suddenly collapsed trapping at least five vehicles underneath there are fatalities here's more from w f o r tv's rick full boom in miami for news has been able to confirm that there are at least several people who have been killed and there may be more we're just gonna have to wait and see exactly once first responders are able to assess exactly how many cars and people are still trapped underneath the debris of this bridge you can see there that heavy crane is a big big red crane that has been brought in in what workers are going try to do i'm sure is to lift away the portions of this bridge that are now on top of cars so that they can get to people who are in those vehicles and get them the medical help that they need but again this is going to be a painstaking work you see the first responders there on the scene for miami dade fire rescue you could see florida highway patrol there on the scene as well but we have been told that the doctors and medical students who are nearby have been rushing to the scene going to try to help out with the wounded and is a frantic seen again we are getting confirmation of multiple fatalities at least five vehicles trapped underneath that bridge which incidentally had just been installed on saturday and the weight of at nine hundred and fifty tons the span a hundred and seventy four feet long we're going to be following that story out of miami for you obviously throughout the afternoon our other top story at three working nonstop utility crews have managed to sharply cut down the number of outages across massachusetts from our last nor'easter for some of you blizzard the number of customers without power is now under fifteen thousand those outages are mainly in wellesley barnstable sandwich and plumpton so again the cape and south shore at and t says it is fully restored service for customers on the cape who were literally cut off in terms of communications during that storm and the cleanup goes on not just for crews but for homeowners on the.

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