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We have very good luck if it's an exact copy i can get those in them heartbeat when companies don't comply with their requests to take down the lookalike emiko can take the company to court this is what happened in two thousand twelve when restoration hardware started selling the naval chair they even knocked off a name so when someone is a a counterfeiter that's typically the kind of things they do in order to give their product fake authenticity restoration hardware settled with emiko before the case went to court greg's also gotten other big box companies like target and kia to knock it off with the knockoffs he can do this because he has trade dress protection trade dress protection is designed to protect consumers from the lookalike imitations of name brand products is not practicing the function or use of the product it's just the dress how it looks and for emiko that means the chairs shape that shape belongs to emiko nobody can reproduce that shape so so having that kind of protection allows us to be very aggressive when when we need to be but i met a lawyer christopher sprig men who doesn't think amoco deserves this protection so consumers in the marketplace when they look at this chair in less they are real french or aficionados they don't think oh this is amoco they think oh that's a chair writer that's a pretty chair that chair would look good in my living room i don't think that the shape of this chair is distinctive it's a it's an office chair design that's been around i have pictures of it from the twenty and department stores and offices if this had gone to litigation i think that would have become clear.

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