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The close the Dow was down 28 points. Now orange juice is going up. I'm Jeff clayville. It's 5 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Dave. On the capitol beltway on two 70, north central Montgomery county, the Baltimore Washington Parkway between Ladenburg and Laurel, 95 through Maryland and Virginia, rush hour delays with no big traffic tie ups. This time of the year, we've got shorter shorter days and longer and later delays, but right now, more importantly, no serious crash is reported on the interstates. Inbound delays on the George Washington Parkway and I 66, eastbound traffic on 66 flows from the dulles connector through Arlington evidence. A lot of people are coming downtown for the evening. And near metro center, gallery place near the national mall, traffic is very slow on a lot of surface rates, very crowded downtown, a work zone on independent savvy reduced lanes near 9th street northwest, and the 9th and third street tunnels are still loaded with outbound traffic, still heavy on three 95 end of Virginia, the crash moved off the 14th street bridge late last hour, damage done southeast southwest freeway traffic backed up to the 11th street bridge, lay delay southbound on two 95 from there, down to the Woodrow Wilson bridge, the big bridge news today, three O one, the new nice Middleton bridge, open to traffic, the old span permanently closed. Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world, air stayed moving, has been delivering quality moves, you can trust for over 75 years, visit their website. It move, interstate, dot com. Dave dildy WTO traffic. All right, let's go to storm team four as Mike's Jennifer Mike, I guess tomorrow will be good weather appreciation day because we've got to have a little bit of bad weather to appreciate the long string of great days we've

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