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To thirty six miles an hour at times this evening and the coolest made temperatures in sixteen years come Sunday morning for today around a four on the mileage meter high around sixty six lows tonight thirty eight to forty three tomorrow sunny and unseasonably cool highs sixty one to sixty four lows tomorrow night thirty six to forty two Sunday mostly sunny high seventy two lows forty four to forty eight my exclusive I've day forecast Monday and Tuesday sunshine Monday a mix of sun and clouds Tuesday highs Monday sixty nine Tuesday seventy two lows forty to fifty one recapping your forecast for today a foreign policy matter a stray morning shower then showers eighty percent likely afternoon ending early evening highs sixty four north seventy south currently fifty I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. S. B. C. six twenty bush directed morning drive again here's why America you're between a rock can you bring one hundred a big project dot org along house road Rucker rode the built in the area seventy five five seventy five but find out of the northwest okay five throughput at county Gwinnett police to report of a block for the crash hello parkway about at the UT I wait this report brought to you by compassion international you can change the world for a child that extreme poverty broken international just textiles eight three three nine three to find out how the thirty five point five W. S. B. coming up with a lens we used a group of George is likely to struggle longer if they're laid off during the pandemic plus is Chris camp the new cost cutting plan for Georgia's public colleges and universities WSBT is time is six twenty one to our Kroger associates from the long hours and late night for the miles traveled on the shelves restocked for making a difference in our customers lives everyone at the Kroger family of brands and our customers safe thank you Kroger fresh for everyone and through may twelfth you learn four times the fuel points on gift cards for mother's day just download your digital coupon restrictions apply Kroger fresh for everyone Dave Baker host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield what kind of color selection do I get when I use rhino shield red blue and yellow that's it that is it unless if it's not your wife's favorite then we can match whatever color she wants is to any color any color under the spectrum and a total paint job would include my station my service brothers downspouts eaves overhangs corner boards columns.

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