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Davis and that, was Lanny Davis was Michael Collins attorney and there's a a. Wonderful piece of audio from last night Bret Baier talk with Alan Dershowitz who is a professor emeritus at Harvard School love. A brilliant attorney and an expert, on constitutional law. And criminal law and you'll hear that coming, up in a couple of minutes. I wanna make sure we have enough time for this conversation so that you're going, to, really sit and listen to longer it's a longer piece of audio so I can't. I can't do it now and a, Justice so hang in there for them but the presumption, Lanny Davis is making is that you have an individual who says yes I did this and assert that he did this on the behest of another individual First question is whether or not the individual. Cohen actually did this it appears that he did because we can check the the Bank statements that's pretty easy to track. Down did he do it at, the behest of. The candidate well potentially he did again we, can kind of figure that out. From the conversations they had one recorded conversation we've actually already heard and then Lenny, was, makes the leap and this is what's going to be interesting to watch on this You're, much more in detail about this from from Dershowitz a couple of minutes but he says so this guy, has committed to a crime and because, he committed a crime the other guy Trump also committed a crime Think about this In in, common sense terms If If Gary St. hours where to give Frank Lubar one hundred dollars and Frank where to go out and buy drugs typically Metamucil. Maalox by the, way we're this legal act and Frank, says, yes I. Did this legal. Act does that being Gary Saint ours is now also guilty of an illegal. Act think about. That Bersagliere show talk radio six eighty now keeping you. Connected with the latest, news this is talk.

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