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Plus flexible schedule health and travel perks apply it united dot com backslash careers married to pump the WTP traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman and Michelle when are we expecting The Rain to hit our area The hide there where we were expecting we're seeing some showers now to our western neighborhood So they're going to move through to the E so really any time this morning we do have the chance for a shower You want to bring the umbrella As you head out this morning we're going to keep that shower chance in the forecast pretty much all day overnight Also watching the chance for some thunderstorms moving through this afternoon into the evening hours Some could be strong with damaging winds even some hail and some heavy rain Now most of that would be south and west of the city but we will track that for you for sure Highs in the mid upper 60s Tonight cloudy with showers continuing very scattered overnight Low dropping into the mid upper 50s Monday we have an early shower chance then decreasing clouds throughout the day and really Monday afternoon is going to be pretty nice with partly cloudy skies warmer into the upper 70s to near 80° Tuesday a little more cloud cover once again mostly cloudy and mild wind becoming southeasterly So a lightweight and it's going to be a nice looking day Showers though coming to the forecast late on Tuesday mainly after 8 p.m. And that's going to bring us a wet Wednesday So we're going to see a lot of forecasts much like today with a cold front moving through That's going to bring the chance for showers on Wednesday and also the chance of thunderstorms mild though temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s Right now we're looking at 58° in D.C. 59 in Hagerstown and it's 59 in culpeper It's 9 41 And.

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