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Aging pipes, boxes. Jeff Man also Americans listening to boxing. Bar owners, Chica. I'm Donny K. Misty news. Bar owners and supporters are planning and not our last call rally today at the state Capitol there, protesting the executive order that has closed them indefinitely, while restaurant hotel and casino bars are allowed to be open. Just five bars across the state so far have gotten exemptions by presenting covert 19 mitigation plans to state health officials. Uh, read Park Zoo's getting ready to welcome back visitors after being closed for months because of the Corona virus. Pandemic of phased re opening begins August 28th. Some Tucson parks and recreation facilities will also be reopening, including playgrounds and Ramada is a Tucson Unified School District Elementary School is closed until September, 1st. After two staff members who work together tested positive for covert. 19 officials say there were no students on campus at Tolson Elementary School at the time of the potential exposure. I'm gonna need she taken s t E A. M. 7 90, Tucson's most stimulating talk. If you've recently retired or been offered early retirement, there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made. I'm Jeff Junior with trade and wealth. Important questions like how do I know if I have enough money to retire? If I die? Will my money be subject to probate? When is the best time to draw so security? How will I be impacted by losing my health coverage? Also, we're in a contentious political year. How will this affect you? Important questions and trading wealth can help. Trading wealth is a local trusted financial fiduciary.

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