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Steve towel reports. Northeast detectives division. Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says words were exchanged as the woman entered the store she was made ever in our way. She even kind of like pushed one of the people out of the way, she went in and made a purchase, and she left and the men were walking away Rosenbaum says she hopped in the vehicle and hit the accelerator. He has little doubt. It was anything other than intentional. You don't even see brake lights even afterwards. You don't even see brake lights the twenty nine year old victim suffered multiple fractures. No one ever thought. You're going to weaponize a vehicle and use it to moa pedestrian hours later. Police pulled over a man driving the suspected vehicle after getting a description of it. Investigators say he did not cooperate could he face charges? Once we get the female. Custody will put that in front of the district attorney's office and they'll make that determination. But it is possible. He could face charges. Steve Taiwa KYW NewsRadio gasps inside of Philadelphia courtroom Thursday. As a judge made a crucial decision in the case against former Philly police officer Ryan panel who was charged with criminal homicide last month, the shooting death of a thirty year old man ws, Kristen Johanson has more. Thirty six year old Brian panel now faces a charge of third degree murder. After judge Robert Coleman reduced it from criminal homicide. The district attorney charged Pinella after grand jury investigation into the shooting death of David Jones in July of twenty seventeen Jones's godmother Donna Clements Jackson. We know that once it goes to trial. No matter what happens between now. And then he will be found. Guilty. Doesn't matter. What levels the law states that he has to be judged by God will be the final judge Coleman. Also, granted the defense's request for bail. Penelas attorney. Fred Perry, obviously. Extremely satisfied with the court's decision..

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