Yankees, David Robertson, Tommy Canley discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney - Scoreboard: Yanks Get Off The Mat


Is a cop chances it's a five the first three innings took about an hour and fifty minutes to play there were lead changes there were ties and i talked to paul molitor in the twins dugout after the bottom of the third inning and asked him about the crazy game lotts avenue in three innings you know we came out top the purse was exciting fellow deflated their though the bottom half bo starters out of the game back and forth you are part of our guys won't come out early lotta worked at citraland here going into the fourth and especially against the yankees bullpen david robertson followed shed green he was outstanding a careerhigh three and a third innings and aaron judge tacked on in the yankees lead in the bottom of the fourth slammed a home for sariol back at the track drive over the auxiliary scoreboard out with his first novel doubtless the judge in the yankees crowd was fired up as he rounded the bases on that one tommy canley followed david robertson cain lee was outstanding as well a role this chapman went to the mound for the ninth inning with two outs is boop shabby.

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