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All right. Brian Newnan saying good night. I will be back Sunday supposedly, I I'm supposed to cross ped- viscous. And they said, oh, patio. Just bring it up or you bring it. I don't know where to bring it up. So it's not I'm not trying to snow, Patty. It's technologically. I don't know where I have hold on your about to get some help. She running. Exactly actually run. Yes. All right. I don't know what's going on health. Hi, patty. I dunno. They said into your studio and invited. So no always wanna how are you at brand? Now, I don't know what seventy patio just bring it up. I'm like how 'cause I haven't released. So I still have control of everything. Anyway, I wanted to see what's going on. I we've got a fun show tonight. We have a second call Benjamin cork, which you might like. But I don't have the wine with us. All right. But we hear wines with a Netflix series. Oh, no shit. Sounds good. And then we'll talk the Muller report because it's what you do on Friday. Sure. Ease it, but it sue them with wine, and then hit him with the like the picture of the three German shepherds just came up. Well, they're they're much cleaner than beards, which I enjoy. We'll have a great show. Good to see. Sorry. Major run. No, I'll talk nice and slow. David give her an extra minute in the news. No problem. She take her back and put her in a chair and roller down the aisle. Get your steps. Right. Okay. Get your steps before the night's over seal later, Patty. Thanks. All right. I will talk to you again Sunday night. Thank you Sammy. I hope hope that the lengthy broadcast. Not Terry out too, much, David. We'll talk to you again soon. It is ten o'clock. This is the voice of Chicago have twenty WGN Chicago. I don't have any actual paperwork. So I'm just going to say if you listen with one of the craziest you say play WGN radio tune in and it'll lap and ten o'clock with the news David Jenny we have fair skies and forty five degrees. At O'Hare, crystal lake police are saying they do not believe that AJ Freund was kidnapped. The five year old boy reported missing earlier this week. Police executed a search warrant at the family's home today. We also learned today that there is a lengthy history between the family and the department of children and family services. They have had contact with the family of the boy since he was born in. Two thousand thirteen his younger brother is now in DC f s custody. If Kim fogs has anything to add to the ongoing controversy around the case of jussie smollet. Geez. Not saying. So the embattled Cook County state's attorney has released a statement saying she does not intend to comment publicly at a small lead case while the office of the inspector general's review is underway. The statement goes on to say that FOX is aware of the recent editorials and commentaries surrounding her office. But she says she's committed to assure in a transparent review of how the office function in this case, she says she will come and publicly on the case only after the inspector general has finished his review. Andrea darlas WGN news. For Justice department says the subpoena issued by House Democrats to get the full special counsel report isn't needed department spokesperson says they are working with to view more of the report and the subpoena issued by the chairman of the House Judiciary committee is premature sentencing day for the California parents who held thirteen kids captive for years. David Louise, Turpin cried as they listened to statements from four of their kids for a judge sentenced them to twenty five. Years to live to what they did to their own ABC's. Matt gunman says those kids have a long recovery ahead of them years of chronic malnutrition left. Many of them physically stunted attorney tells me that five of them are now in college. One of them has his first part time job in a bike shop, the district attorney in Riverside.

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