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Now coming up in just a bit pataca from source brewing denticle spec New Jersey will join me this is an interview that I did this past Thursday at the brewery itself I think you're going to enjoy it we're gonna be talking about their elite tribute to ally manning the Superbowl the other got a lot of national play the beer was sold out I went to pick up my Kansan but I had a nice little chat with Phil about the brewery itself planned what they're gonna be doing in the future other beers that are gonna be coming out a lot of good stuff that's coming up in just a bit pretty sure it's going to be a two segment interview I'm actually recording this open on Thursday I haven't gone down there yet so it'll probably be a two segment interview but we'll Sammy Hagar and the circle semi solo there's only one way to rock to start us off Sammy Hagar in the circle coming back there doing in a an extensive US tour about thirty forty cities well the kicks off I think it's in may or June they will be in Long Island in July but I'm gonna be going to the show at the PNC bank arts center on Friday August twenty first it is Sammy Hagar and the circle along with white snake and night ranger that is going to be a phenomenal show I cannot wait Sammy is in is you know early seventies and can still bring it Vic Johnson is fantastic on guitar Michael if he of course long time basis for Van Halen in that with Sammy is amazing as vocals are spot on in his base plate pretty good and of course you've got Jason Bonham on the drums and so they do a lot of semi solo stuff they do Montrose they do some Van Halen from when semi was in the band they also do some Led Zeppelin as well it's really cool it's a big party atmosphere it's a lot of fun I kind of I kind of liken it to I don't wanna say like an adult version of Jimmy Buffett but it's kind of that vibe everybody's having a great time drinks a flaw in you know you just listen to music and chilled out eating good food and haven't you know having to beverages it's a lot of fun definitely check it out if you're in there if you decide to get tickets you know and you see me in the parking lot combined so high I happen to have a beer with you so let's get in the news and notes here lone pine brewing company is now distributing throughout New Jersey New York and Utah the Portland and gore based main brewery has expanded their growing distribution network to include these three new states the move comes after a strategic approach to expansion several states last summer was met with success John Paul the co founder of lone pine really says we had a really great your continue to see excitement in new markets about our beers and what we're doing based on the reception were getting balance against our ability to continue file a filling the shelves here in Maine we're excited to introduce lone pine two more craft beer lovers around the country so long pine is gonna distributing these markets via golden beverage in Utah remarkable liquids and D. Chris sent the in New York and remarkable liquids in New Jersey remarkable look which is done a great job of bringing in these the successful breweries that people are always talking about the K. all you can't get anywhere but but in but in the state of Iran and this and that and remarkable liquid seems to come through and really you know knock it out of the park by getting these breweries in here so we have to talk to one of the owners of lone pine brewery coming up in the next couple weeks a long time the jury's attention up for meddling in the hotly contested hazing imperial IPA category at the great American beer festival in October the winning beer chaos emerald scored a bronze medal beating out nearly two hundred competitors of that is pretty cool and that lone pine now available in ten states New Jersey New York in Utah joining Maine Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Pennsylvania Rhode Island and Vermont that is very cool Brooke feel place is going to be doing this is this is that the what is this the third year second year third year they're gonna be doing this a dent in the Hudson River in lower Manhattan here so for the thirty on.

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