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Up and broken hands. Get your tickets now at livenation dot com. Steve does thing with your back here in Saint Louis. The blues have even up the Stanley Cup final a great effort to win game four over the Bruins four to two. Once again, let's rejoin the men did an outstanding job calling tonight's game Kenny, Albert and Joe Micheletti Kenny are very much Steve. Well, Joe the Saint Louis blues work their game plan to perfection. They score an early goal. Their fourth line was outstanding. They hit throughout the evening. They score the go ahead goal in the third period when it four to. Yeah. This has been a series where we've, we've seen both coaches have to make adjustments to get their team back on track. And you would certainly expect that out of Boston, even though this one wasn't as one-sided as the first three games away. There were played. This was much more evenly played and again it could have gone either team could have won this third period with with a two game. So you would expect certainly Boston to make a few adjustments for Craig Burundian in his Saint Louis blows. You know this is going to be a reminder or here, here's how we played in game two. In, in this was the result. Here's what we played in game four which is similar a lot of hits in the in the first period in particular. And again, the, the Boston Bruins lose a defenseman that was not hit. There was a, you know, a puck into the face versus the Dino chara. And that's still remains really just a key factor in what's going to happen going going forward as to whether sedan chara can play or not, which I suspect that he can't. So Boston has had a lot of depth on defense throughout the throughout the regular season. And they still have some players that can step in and play. And so, so I'm sure they have some confidence air. But this is this is a series now. We knew it after the first two games. There was a feeling out period. And now with the way that Saint Louis responded in this game, where of people thought they couldn't, but they showed something in the they, they showed what they've had for the last five months and. And so this is they're going to be comfortable going on the road as we talked about Kenny, but Boston going into TD garden in Boston against the team or they've got some players and Berge Ron Marsh on that one Stanley Cups, and they know what it takes is not going to be easy to win there in both Saint Louis. Wade's in games two and four. The Bruins lost defenseman. We're down to five for the remainder of each of those two games. Both games also tied to two in the third period, blues pull both games out. I thought Vince Don was a factor. Picked up an assist on the first goal. Zach Sanford of sunk was doesn't get suspended is a good chance. Sanford does not get it right lineup right? No. I agree with you. Vince done had had a lot to do with the way this game was played because of his skating and puck handling. Ability on defense is not known to be a great defensive player but inside the blue line and the offensive zone. Boy, he can make things happen. And he assisted on that first goal by getting shot through that was deflected. They forced the goaltender to make a save. And then rhino Riley. Does the rest and Zach Sanford as, as Bryan interviewed him and talk to him? You know, he's, he's one of those, it's one of those situations where sometimes you don't you have no idea what you're going to get you just need another body in the lineup and then that body decides to be a factor. And he's been a factor the last two games. And then having sunk Quist back tonight, made a huge difference because the matchup went from top line and top line against top-line to Blue's fourth line was sunk west in the middle and Steen on one side, and Barbara shove on the other against that top line, the Berge or online. And they did an unbelievable job at even strength diversion online. Of course they got they got points on the shorthanded goal, but at even strength that line, they hit they defended. They kept the pressure on the offense of zone throughout the game. And it was huge having Sundquist back in the lineup important player. Time now Joe for our Sherwin Williams player of the game. Well, you know early on. We, we we saw rhino Raleigh score the goal and it just continued with the way he played in every aspect. He was so noticeable on every shift. He just seemed to be. I don't know if rested as a as a better word or more energized any was before. But this without question was his best game in every aspect the two goals. Yes. Obviously to get the game going and then the game winner. But the way he the way he competed defensively on faceoffs and penalty killing was a big part, there were two for two and the penalty killing had a lot to do with that. And he almost scored a short handed goal, so he gave them energy. I think the team just followed his lead. So Ryan Riley, our player of the game. Sponsored by Sherwin Williams. Ask Sherwin Williams and save forty percent on paints and stains with sale prices starting at twenty three zero nine June seventh.

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