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Save on the furniture itself and on shipping the very serious about shipping they'll send an entire order of couches and tables and everything almost anywhere in the usa in canada for a flat rate of forty nine dollars in instock items can be expected in two weeks or less i was just in vancouver and i went to their warehouse and it looks like my living room that so much article furniture i buy and i love recommending article knows that ninety nine percent visible fans like their home decor contemporary and high functioning something that will age the really nice cheese for fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more go to article dot com slash nine nine in your discount will be applied to your purchase that's article dot com forward slash the numbers nine nine so a few years back the oakland international airport changed two of its runway numbers twentyseven became twenty eight and twenty nine became thirty nine nine fee is on kolstad lives in beautiful downtown oakland california and he is here to lane why it was a really important that they make that change i though you have to understand how runway numbering works airports around the world use this universal system and it's based off earth's magnetic north so basically you figure out the magnetic compass direction of the runway up to three hundred sixty degrees and then you round that off to the nearest ten and then drop the zero at the end and then you have your number okay so you end up with the numbers one to thirty six instead of ten to three sixty right that's it and each runway has a complimentary number two that goes in the other direction and that's of course one hundred eighty degrees different so runway number eighteen is the flip side of ron knowing number thirty six and so on so forth and if you see letters that actually means there are multiple runways running parallel to each other so l is for the left are for the right and if there's one the middle they use literacy for center so by necessity if it was eighteen l the other.

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