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Of the world of technology as it applies to Joe schmo and everybody else who like me doesn't have a clue this is important information even after you explain some of the stuff though I still don't have a clue but it's okay it's nice well then that means I'm not doing my job well because I'm supposed to be a text translator so I guess that's who it's gonna have to remember that Victoria the tech translator all right so what's up but his the first translation plasma bot well this is for Microsoft they're launching a self screening tool for people to check whether or not they qualify to donate their plasma with the hopes of creating a treatment for those with covert nineteen so the two is part of Microsoft's work with a group called code big nineteen plasma alliance when someone and we've heard our jet doctor can talk about this doctor Jack talk about it when someone has a virus any virus their immune system then produces antibodies to fight the virus so once you've recovered from it those antibodies are in your blood and so they they're thinking about these plasma trials is that as soon as you are recovered meaning you have no more symptoms of covert nineteen you are at least seventy two hours without a fever without taking any medication to reduce the fever and you had seven days of you know just feeling healthier so that is where you're in that recovery window at that time now people are a lot of researchers are starting to take plasma donations from people who were covered and then they're trying to come up with a treatment so Microsoft wants to fast track this because this is something that really needs to happen quickly and it's not a vaccine but a treatment that could really be effective and so once the infected person is recovered they take the antibodies and then they inject those antibodies into another person who hasn't had the virus yet and then that gives them the chance and that with the hope that they if they do come in contact with the virus that they will be immune to it and so it's essentially it works very similarly to a vaccine but this is a faster way because you know as we've talked about vaccines take a long time to go through trials and things like that and so now this is actually not a new treatment and believe it or not this plasma treatment the antibody treatment was used to treat diphtheria in the eighteen nineties so some of this old medicine is really coming back it also was used effectively during the nineteen eighteen flu pandemic that you love to talk about the Spanish flu so that was also used back then and it's something that they're really moving forward with plasmon few Asians have been used to treat sars measles chicken pox things like that so some early information of covert nineteen suggests that plasmon fusions have helped some patients recovery time but it's still too early to know exactly how effective the treatment is so Microsoft wants to fast track this and and and also you know I have friends who have recovered now from the virus who are going to be donating plasma and so it's an easy simple thing to do a quick little bow blood donation and you could really you know potentially save a lot of lives courage everyone yep yep all right here's Disney providing even more stay at home content get out good old days and he's trying to help out during self isolation first if you're a parent and having some problems getting a little wants to hit.

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