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All right. Sportstalk seven nine william perils harrison who listens in Key is a william is a retired. Us air force master sergeant and he says it should have been handled different than our last caller said as well. He said the retired officer. And i doubt he had ever been at at l. e. Was wrong and he even admitted though that he wasn't a dispatcher. Nine eleven call takers while trained to be a calming presence and before read the rest. That's my whole thing with this. I don't know what protocol is how to handle it other. Listen to people that are above my pay grade talk about it is it. Seemed as if there would be less combative. And they gotta take control and know that they're they've got the situation but calming presence would seem and i don't know what the fine line is will between calm and let's get to this quit talking just living. Just answer my questions but she was. It just seems to me that she lacked a little bit of the she was she was trying to. The woman was talking right in william harrison. Says this nine. Eleven call takers trained to be a comic presence are trained not to impart a false sense of safety to a caller and panic if a caller is in peril. They mustn't let their guard down. And i i don't. I don't think our previous call john was was john was saying any different. I just to assure that the person safe without letting them let their guard down. I i understand. Williams and john's approach like i said i don't know. I wish we had somebody who was nine. One one dispatcher. Out there or a family member that you could you have an answer. That kind of tells us what the exact protocols. Because i wouldn't have a clue i would think that if i was on the on the end of making the call that i would want somebody who won was incomplete confidence and in charge to made me feel like everything. I said that they were soaking. Would were taken in with urgency and three that they were getting that we weren't going to have to wait and the when they got here. Everything was going to be okay. While on the other end it appeared that ashley. Sherman was assuring her that everybody was okay that he had been physical that he didn't have a weapon and to. Please take that in. Mind when you get your so further damage wasn't done. I like i said i don't know how to handle it if i if i'm the nine nine eleven operator but it sure did seem from listening to it. I don't know. Do you guys think anything different that did it could have been handled a little better now. Whatever that better is. I guess from a distance because i wasn't in the stressor situation that i felt like ashley. Sherman had to struggle to talk over the nine eleven operator. And maybe i'm wrong not feel like a man. That's the only thing that i'm listening to like. I can get that. You had to be stern and you know not giving the like that part. There were elements of the just felt over the top. Sure i felt like she was too abrasive. Yeah yeah so it's like. I'm handling this. I'm handling this. It's like like like john set. When you're nine one one operator and i know this because a family friend of ours is one. You're supposed to be very calm. You're supposed to be a sound. You're supposed to the other person feel calm. She's not doing that in the situation. She's she's talking over her. I'm just trying to find the best way to describe it because honestly makes me mad but like she's talking over the whole time. She's not letting her speak. She's an oh slowdown. Like i can't hear you. And then when i i'm assuming as oracle because she said that richard fighting with an ankle when he tries to get on the line at the other she basically tells them like get off the call like that. She's a horrible operate inch should probably be fired. Yeah i don't and i know listen. I'm not comparing real life to movies. I don't know if you guys saw the call with I think the name of the movie. The call with Halle berry where she's a nine eleven operator and a girl gets kidnapped and trunk of. She's walking through how to handle it. Now listen i know. It's the movies. But i kind of the point i'm making is the way she was calm. But firm and it was was had trying to get the girl to relax so she could communicate right and didn't panic. I almost feel like okay. Now i can understand. She felt like she was in control to me. If i was on the other end listening to that call. If i was at that gallon the i would have said ok. She's gonna she's getting somebody here and walk with their so. There was security along with felt secure but also made her feel like we're going to get this handled quickly but like i said it's movies i don't know if that's even real or somebody studied that been in that role said dole. Listen to the nine eleven calls. Here's how you're supposed to handle it. That's and i've never had to make one of those calls. And god forbid you ever have to so. I don't know if there is a nine eleven operator out there. We've heard from two different folks and at two. Different opinions. The similar but the compassion. It just it. Just didn't sound good and i go through. It didn't sound good to me and sound like the situation. I felt that. If is ashley sherman at one thing. I didn't as i said earlier. I would have loved the nine eleven operator. Tell me they are on their way. And they'll be there at one point. she said. yeah it's going straight through to dispatch. But i never heard her say and maybe she's not supposed to. They will be there shortly on their way. Everything's gonna be. Okay stay calm. Let me continue to get the information. I never heard that so. I would still be wondering. Are they two minutes away or they fifteen minutes away. how close are they. Have you talked to him. 'cause my thought in that situation if i was ashley sherwood will i'm talking and she's interrupting me or we're going back and forth has she. Does she typing away dispatch it as she talked to somebody but she's talking to me. How do they know the situations urgent. I guess you're typing. It shows up on the officers computer screen in their vehicle and know however they handle the call with their the code of you know we gotta to eleven progress or whatever the the numbers are they used to say domestic situation and unarmed as she's type in that as it goes but i never felt like she assured ashley sherman that somebody was on their way like until the very end and she's dealing with her uncle got richard sherman. And you gotta be careful. You're kids all those things. So i don't know like i said i'm not. I don't know the nine eleven operators name and it's not really about her but moving forward. You would think that maybe that there's probably could have been handled a little bit better. It's sports talk seven ninety very difficult situation and if you guys are privy to information on how to handle that i really would be interested because there may be somebody listening to the down. The road has 'cause somebody's injured. Or god forbid anybody ever has to make those calls but they do exist and that they would know how to handle it because i quite frankly don't know how nine eleven operator is supposed to handle it. We just hear the audio when people play it in situations like this and we kind of put our minds how we'd handle it but stressor situations can be tough especially when it's a domestic situation sportstalk seven ninety nba officials and last night's game. I want to ask you to a question in our listeners. A question of Just about the nba. Where it's headed and where we are sports. Talk seven ninety. Rolls on sean salisbury. 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