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For purity products Dr Levin walking back to the shop it's great to be here with you today Pat and we have a very exciting topic to cover today Pat they were talking about strength and power how to get it back even if you're in your fifties sixties seventies eighties so if you want to feel better if you want to feel stronger this is some very important information we're going to cover today yeah this is an exciting topic talk to me about this important message today what molecule are we talking about and how it's impacting the lives of people who follow the science right we're talking about a new supplement its called ever strong and it features an exciting molecule called creatine now Pat a lot of our listeners may have heard of creatine I know you've used creatine right but for those that don't know about creatine it's mainly used in the Olympics circles professional athletes bodybuilders college high school athletes because it does something extraordinary and what I'm about to tell you is proven by hundreds and hundreds of human studies so here's what creatine does for us it helps us to get stronger more powerful helps put muscle mass on the body and it helps protect us from losing muscle tissue as we get older we know that's a big part of aging not only that Pat great for the brain right from memory and helps promote bone strength as well so an amazing molecule that everybody needs to know about could you share some of the science and tell us why you're calling creatine one of the best kept secrets to healthy aging sure what we need to understand what creatine is that it's a natural molecule to the body it's in every single cell tissue organ in your system and its job in the body is to generate and maintain strength and power it's in every single cell in the body ninety five percent of it however is in your muscle tissue because that's what we tend to use it the most it powers up the muscles it's good for strong muscle contraction and it's important to help maintain the strength and muscle contractions when you're using them over and over again for instance if you're working out at the gym if you're playing sports golf tennis anything like that it keeps your muscles powered up in their high energy state so they're strong and ready for action no pack here's the key this is so important for those of us in our fifties sixties seventies you see we have lots and lots of creatine when we were young we had little service that was coming out of areas we had lots of creatine our bodies made a lot of it but as we get older like everything else we don't do that as well so we have less creatine in our.

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