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And there's there's a trend with this narrative, but also he doesn't have the support that most politicians do when you get into the White House. Normally you're coming in as a Senator or as governor you've built up people around you that are loyal to you for loyal to your cause. And when he came in there, he wasn't a politician, but he said he was going to hire all the best Pete. That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You people like Ryan spree, but who wasn't a Trump guy. And so that's why there's been so much turnover over the past two years and why there is this paranoia because then you're left with so few people like Kellyanne, Conway, who you know, for sure there for you and the rest. You just don't know, maybe you, maybe he can't trust people because they've now realized that there's a problem with him right. Country maybe instead of to him. But yeah, I mean, because we're all we're talking about, oh, they can't bring phones in and he can't trust anyone rather than look at it that way. I'm sort of looking at it as why don't they trust him? Why are they so concerned? Why are we writing op EDS? Because this president is really problem at this, and he the one who leaks everything. Remember reading immoral Lago starts opening his bat zoo, and letting out secret to people. They even know who they are own as the worst leaker of leap. Leaks coming from everywhere now and no one needs names. No one needs anything random. I also think his definition of loyalty is different than other people's. If you disagree with him or go against him and his own mind, I think he takes his being disloyal and he'll turn on you right oil means something very distant. Loyalty loyalty to country to me as much more important than loyalty to one man. I think you know, we have a great country, and I think a lot of people saying, you know what? This is not what we signed on for. We don't want somebody who says, what do you mean? They wrote something bad about me, hey, Jeff Sessions, you bet to make sure that they get over there and find out who that is so weak. It's treason while you have to know what things before you call people treasonous. You know that. That's that's my point. So I think people are just kind of going what the hell. But you know what? We're not going to say what the hell would just gonna say, we'll be right back. The head parental panic. If you spend most of your day terrified about what could happen to your kids, it could be even worse than you think. George popadopoulos after being sentenced? What will he say? Now when he faces the women of the byu tomorrow? Stormy Daniels and you know, she has a lot to say it's the most provocative week on the view today. George popadopoulos and his wife tomorrow stormy Daniels, oh yes, everyone will be talking about what happens on the view this week on ABC..

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