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We have a problem now on the northbound northeast extension up past quakertown all lanes blocked there. Now, it's a tractor trailer. Fire. We'll have an update on that who Sam in a couple of minutes. Seven fifty now thanksgiving comes early for some military veterans a little down on their luck. A ws Justin Trudeau reports Robert Harris who served three years in the army readjusting to civilian life has been difficult. But Tuesday, the Philly native and dozens of other vets were treated to a thanksgiving dinner at the veterans multi service center in old city, courtesy of Knicks bar and grill. We take a lot of abuse out there. Just so nice to see somebody. That cares. These people really love us, and they respect the sacrifices that we've made for our country just of show ties. The owner of Nick says serving the vets the spread of Turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and more is the least they can do to show their gratitude anything you can do to help a veteran is appreciated by all the movie while eating his thanksgiving spread Robert could not help but smile to show his. Attitude. I'm just going to have a glass with a man, I'm I'm gonna tear it up. It wasn't just food at the dinner. Vets got to take part in different games and win prizes. Justin, Trudeau KYW NewsRadio. Well, the new report says President Trump entertained, the idea of ordering the Justice department to investigate two of political adversaries president's lawyer says the report intervened Trump spoke with then White House counsel, Don Mcgann about ordering the Justice department to launch prosecutions of Hillary Clinton and James Comey. New York Times reports Mcgann stalled Mr. Trump, arguing he had no such a story and had other lawyers in his office back him up with a memo to the president warning that such an abuse of power could lead to his impeachment. President Trump often uses Twitter to urge the Justice department to go after Clinton and the Clinton foundation while suggesting Komi has leaked classified information. Bob Costantini, Washington. Meanwhile, President Trump's Saudi Arabia will face no repercussions from the US over the killing of Washington Post contributor, Jamal kashogi a very complex situation. It's a shame. But it's it is what it is. Now, the US intelligence has reportedly assess that the Saudi Crown prince ordered kashogi killed inside that country's consulate in Istanbul Turkey. But that is not a final conclusion. The president told reporters before he got aboard Marine One that punishing Saudi Arabia would do more harm than good right now. We.

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