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By the way, Matthew Stafford is one of 16 quarterbacks and league history. To pass for at least 45,000 yards in the regular season. He is the on Lee one of those 16 to never win a playoff game instead of today, day Yep, best out of the day status today. It comes that what stat of the day By the way, I'd like to publicly apologize to the Detroit lines. I wondered what their game plan was philosophy of saying publicly. Matthew Stafford. You want him come get him, and I thought that they would lose leverage. They did not. They basically said, we're going to create a marketplace for him. Give us your best offer, and it sounded like you had quite a few teams who are willing to pony up. Enough to catch the Rams interest. Itwas last Friday at this time, Albert Breer, senior NFL reporter, lead content strategist for the MM. QB, joined us. He dropped a little nugget that he thought Matthew Stafford could get traded before the Super Bowl. And I go Wait a minute. You must know something. And I thought, Let's have Albert Breer on to take a victory lap. Albert. Congratulations. So what did you know? And when did you know it? You know, I think Basically I knew the things that heated up and that the lines were of a mind to move him before the Super Bowl in large part to get ahead of the market. And I think this was sort of smart Dan in that. You know, they recognized that things could get chaotic with quarterbacks over the next couple of months. We've all talked about that. And is the Shawn Watson gonna become available Is Sam Darnell's gonna become available and so Think their logic was like, Let's put this guy out there so we don't have to worry about supply and demand screwing up an asset and, you know, let's give the kid Stafford let's give him some some certainty. Let's give the other team is trading form some certainty unless mast maximize the value of what we have. And so I think you know from that standpoint, it was smart to do it because You know a team like the Rams. Other teams involved. Washington Carolina You know, they had an opportunity to go after a guy who I think most teams view is the top 10 quarterback. Without you know, the I was out with out any certainty that that anybody of that level is going to be available again during the off season. So you know, I think it was just sort of a smart read of what might happen the next couple of months by by the Lions. But to make this deal happen, the Lions had to take Jared Goff. If this was Teddy, Bridgewater and Carolina where they're gonna have to take Teddy Bridgewater was this Yeah. Was this the formula by these other teams that you're gonna have to take our quarterback? If we're gonna make this happen? Yes. So I think it's sort of a two way thing, dan. Like I I think I'm one hand. You're right. Like the Rams. We're gonna have to offload Goff. It wasn't gonna work if they couldn't offload golf and Um, it would have been tough to move. Goff, if quite quite honestly, would have been very difficult to move. Go off, if you know if if they had traded for Stafford had both in the roster, So the cleanest thing for them to do was the offload Golf is part of the deal. That said, I mean, I could tell you this, like Dan Campbell communicated to people that front office He didn't want to be up a creek. A quarterback like he wanted a guy who got it least at least compete with for the next few years. And so, you know, I think from that standpoint Golf was sort of attractive to him and that they had, you know he has, you know, almost five years of starting experience, you know, started half his rookie year and there's been a starter since then. Started in a Super Bowl and, Yeah, I mean, I think that because of that, like there was a level of interest in golf and that at the very least, you know he could be a confidence starting quarterback for you for the next two or three years and buy you time defined whoever your long term answer is, I think from the same, you know, but the thing about the same sort of way If you're trading with Carolina, obviously, Teddy Bridgewater would be a guy that you'd mention if you're trading with Denver drew lock would be a guy that would come up so I think with, you know, a number of these teams, a quarterback could have come in play. If those teams have been able to get to the sort of draft pick comp the Rams are willing to give up which the downside for both of these teams. So the downside for the Lions is that the Rams could be really good over the next couple of years. And those pics might not be all that valuable. Um, you know, I think if you if you look at what the what was in front of the lines, they an opportunity to get the eighth pick in the draft. Um, it's part of a pig swapped. I think they probably could have wound up with the ninth pick two with Denver now they would have had to send a pic back. Which devalues it a little bit. They could have had the 19th pick Washington's pick, and so part of the risk for the lines here is you don't know what's gonna happen to the picks and 2022 2023. If the Rams are really good, you know, then those might be defacto second round picks, so that's the risk for the lines and doing this deal this way. The risk for the Rams is that you know they've become very, very top heavy and their salary structure and there's questions about whether or not you can put the right sort of support system around Matthew Stafford. You know, obviously there a little bit. You know, they had their issues in the offensive line the last couple of years. How does Andrew Whitworth hang on? Hold on, hold up. It left tackle. You know what happens if one of their big salary guys has an injury, So because the way they're structured now, it leaves them in a position where they're gonna have to hit on a lot of you know, 3rd 4th 5th round picks. In order to make up the difference and build death in case they do lose some of the hot, big name guys they have, and they've been pretty good, though, that they have you know they they've done well from the second round on. So we're talking Albert Breer, the senior NFL reporter, lead content strategist for the MM Q. B is the hall that the Lions got in any way related to what it's going to cost to get to Shawn Watson. No, because, well, I think part of the hall the lines were able to get was taking on God's contract right? Like so there was a little bit of and again like the lines wanted golf, like the lines, like the idea of having golf is their starting quarterback, at least, is a placeholder. But there was an MBA element to this right like that. You know they had the Rams had to give a little bit more to get the lines to take on golf's contract. So That definitely exists. Um I've lost my train of thought their damn what we suppose to question the Texans and what it's sections. Yeah, I don't. I do not think it. I don't think it affects that much. I mean, Sean watches a 25 year old superstar quarterback like I think you start with three first round picks. Probably if you're talking about dealing for the Shawn Watson and again, we don't know if he's going to be available. I mean, right now. I could tell you where it stands to. Shawn Watson isn't returning the Texans calls and like the Texans are basically stonewalling anybody who comes to them enquiring about Watson. So right now we're sort of in this giant staring contest and nobody really knows what the conclusion is. I mean, because we don't know whether or not to Shawn Watson is going to act. We asked eventually talked to the Texans people and we don't know if the Texans were going to get to a point down the line where they say you know what First year coach First Year GM We can't start a program with this hanging over our head for the next six months. Yeah, It's kind of interesting. I know that the necklace, stereo said they're not, you know, trading him or whatever, no intentions, But if I was in the press conference, I would have followed up by asking. Are you taking phone calls, though, Because that's what I want to know. Yeah, I mean, you can. Of course you're going to say we have no interest in trading him..

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