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Out conversation. You're gonna hear all we long on your host airlines. Join me today Spanish pubs were puzzled as to why AOL revenues chair fights boats Cairo opted skyrocketed until last week's. But we know why back at Colt, amac global headquarters. Leander candy is here Ola. Also with us. He had almost forgotten. What a middle aged man in tight spandex looks like but this morning L K reminded him Lewis Wallis's here. With that bike outfit looking very aero dynamic. Tiles little biking shoes. Try to have the office. Meaning while he does morning stretches plops foot right up on your desk. Give them the Hammy a nice stretch. So. A really what am I not surprised? You're no longer there. They're like HR is asked us to have you not work here anymore. Contributing fact of issues. Welcome back Leander, how was your mega world trip? You're gone for like what fourteen weeks, it feels that? Yeah. It was like three. It was a fantastic, you know. So then Spain you can't beat it. We all these different cities all of it, totally beautiful. Visit Bacelona Granada Seville which haven't been to you know. Yeah. It's a fantastic town, isn't it? Yeah. I really enjoyed it. It was really hot. When I was there. What was it? Like when you were there. I would imagine. Okay. But it was it was sunny, but it was called when you're in Barcelona. Did you happen to see a naked man walking through the the back alleyways? I did not you didn't see him. Okay. I wonder if he's still there who is it. It's just naked, man. There is a there's a guy that lived there. I was naked you missed the story because you were gone you were there. I was hoping maybe you'd see him. When I went there on occasion. There was a guy that just lived there. And he would walk around the entire city naked. And I told the story I think last week I was in Barcelona walk watching a street performance. And it was in this narrow alleyway, and I was grooving out, man. This guy was playing sax. And he was real good. And I was like, oh, yeah. Is closed. Right. I'm looking down on jamming. And I looked up and opened my eyes and there's a big pair of white. But cheeks right in front of my face. This guy is walking casually. Like he's on a Sunday. Stroll completely nude from head to toe. No shoes. No shirt. No bandanna. And he just walks the entire crowd and just churns the corner and just go. Goes on his merry way. Maybe you saw them to San Francisco probably guys like that around here. I didn't see anyone nude in. It would it would have been SU called in in bus. A you know like. Maybe he maybe he wears when in the wintertime, you know, very little. I was thinking like a wall chili peppers sock honors. Well, it's good to have you back. We have so much. Apple news talk about. Here's what we got. Oh boy. We've got a good show. Just wait. I've got a surprise for you coming in about ten seconds. We're gonna talk about the state of robocalls, which what does touch on briefly. Have you lived in the US? Have you noticed? How many robo calls you're getting I used to never get robo calls. And we're getting I'm getting a ton of now, I get five six seven day on my iphone. Now. It's crazy. So I thought it'd be interesting to talk about what's going on. And then big news this week..

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