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A week ago jonathan had has this report and what abraham the man whose political downfall twenty years ago sparked off the reformist movement which is just triumphed at the polls and who spent two periods in jail for his opposition is free the newly elected prime minister mahathir muhammad wants mr anwar's mentor and the man who sacked jailed him twenty years ago sought a royal pardon for him which was granted this morning this is the result of a once unthinkable reconciliation between the two men which helped to end the sixty year long monopoly on power of their old party north korea has threatened to cancel next month's schedule summit between its leader kim jong on the us president donald trump earlier the north castigated of the us and south korea for sunday's resumption of their joint military exercises and canceled this week's talks with sola jonathan reports the state news agency and north korea issued a statement saying that america would have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the plant north korea us summit in light of what it called this provocative military ruckus that was in response to a longplanned military exercise between the us and south korea but more ominously for the prospect of the summit it was followed up by a later declaration that north korea would never give up its nuclear program and wouldn't bother it away in return for economic assistance that's been the american central objective and at the white house they'll be hoping this is a bump in the road a bit of muscle flexing by peon yang a warning not to take them for granted a new report says the number of people internally displaced by conflict in africa doubled in a single year the report found that nearly three million people were displaced within their own countries in twenty seventeen the united states envoy tasked with trying to end the war in ukraine says more sanctions against russia are likely with the details here's joan officia velka spent.

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