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Message Mets fans prior to each game tune into the Nissan that's pre game show on WCVB on WCBS eight eighty accu weather says partly to mostly cloudy lo sixty nine a shower or two across the New Jersey suburbs in the morning otherwise clouds giving way to some sunshine with a high of eighty tomorrow night mostly clear lo sixty nine good evening I'm Monique Kobyla wins news time at the tone eight thirty good evening I'm Mario mosque is a late night Central Park shooting the two victims were sitting on a bench along Central Park north it was ten PM a guy rides by on a bicycle and shoots them both Malcolm heard to blast just so I can find so you know I go look when those as hands it was victims are men in their forties one taken to the hospital in critical condition the other stable meanwhile folks like Lehner surprised by this this it doesn't happen only a light shooter rolled off before police arrived Roger stern ten ten went along Central Park north no motive for the shooting yet as this investigation does continue fair skies seventy six going down to sixty nine degrees in midtown wins news time may thirty one for the ram trucks traffic center let's check in with Rebecca Bizarros seeing heavy delays on the Hutch heading north and all due to a crash it's just past Westchester Avenue right and center lanes are blocked.

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