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Sharon are a list interviews with the stars. And this morning we've got some of the stars and also the director of the new movie Hotel. This is kind of a new war thriller that stars two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank and one of the one of the best young male actors Michael Ealy. As the two co stars of this film. They are two people who go to Vegas for different reasons. They wind up at a bar wind up having a one night stand. Then go home to their respective families. He returning home to his family goes back to his wife on whom he's just cheated. And that night some breaks into their house. The police investigator who comes to you know, investigate this break in is the woman that he had the affair with. From the one night stand. And she won't go away it Zaveri Fatal Attraction E kind of movie. I don't think quite as intense as fatal attraction, but still pretty good. Um so Why have interviews with Hillary and with Michael? But also we talked with director Deon Taylor Dion Not really won't play a lot of directors on this show, but Deon Taylor is from the Chicago area grew up in northwest Indiana. The reason that I mentioned all of this is because he is a child of both. So as we like to call him, he grew up watching WGN TV. Watching all the Children shows that we had on the air and So when we hooked up with them on a zoom call, that would explain why he reacted like this. You've got all the time in the world you need, man. Ladies, man Words never spoken in a junket before every time I see you, man, I just want to tell you I love you, Brother. You are legendary. And just thank you for being everything that you are, man. Seriously? Oh, yes, sir. Wow. That thank you. Yes, sir. Those air. Those are nice words. You know, That's the only part of this interview. I'm gonna put on the air now. Right after all, Hillary, How are you? I did him good things. Nice to see you. It's great to see both of you. See on Let me start off with you. This nail biter film that has so many twists and turns. I got to think that that is from you. Growing up in Chicago and watching the bozo show Am I correct on up? That's exactly right. Man. Cookie was always my inspiration. Cookies is the Michael Ealy character Is that right?.

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