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Kind reddit ninety for Zimmerman the one to check swing together yes it is Ramon the Hayes who suffers rings up for sites like in others two seam fastball into a writing for was an eighty mile with that movement is very good very good is he taking it off the plate is an optical illusion Justin felt feel like the one I just my my eyes do not see it when it that that goes across home plate he was replaced we across for outside last night yeah the to get the call right the reason the shields first pitch slider inner half a play that's just how we started him off last time for the stolen strike one four three Rangers scoreless sixth inning would be big for Jordan Zimmermann stuff is being good today the strike one serving in a missing this letter that was put off the plate man the double while that no balls two strikes the seals control walk is called the specially a big swing and miss god but that was a big swing and miss man there goes your door the pitches outside so the third night in time jump all presuming for a guy who's just a terrible based you learn the should not it is still in third that easily no scent no change really no one paid attention to in many things that it doesn't people say well you know there's two outs why would he do that well that's a good question well this fall error what really you're right any time a team is basically saying go ahead take third yeah sure made it easily no.

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