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Like to come on the air with us please please don't think twice go to jail on money dot com click on the contact us button while you're there sign up for our free weekly newsletter comes out every Friday check it out we'll be right back welcome to office depot how can I help you we're getting organized for back to school yeah demi Greenough clicking folder for chemistry I mean signs is always green because of course right because Matt always has read no books right because blue notebooks are for less and your Christmas no get everything on their list from the advisors at office depot OfficeMax this week your buster notebook for ten cents ten in store or online at office depot dot com limit for it may not be stomach issues for me it's intense gas or pain or diarrhea sometimes all at once over and over I spent years with the symptoms but could never figure it out no matter what I did they never went away so I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms we discovered that exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or E. P. I may be the reason for my stomach issues E. P. I. is caused by my pancreas it leads to diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss and oily stools the symptoms just don't go away but he P. I can show up with even one symptom the good news API's manageable but to get to the right diagnosis you have to break it down for your doctor and get specific about the severity of your symptoms visit identify E. P. I. dot com to learn more and use the symptom checker to help change the conversation with your doctor brought to you by Abdi there's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen soon let.

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