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Follow Mike on Twitter, and he is always engaging with people. So if you've got questions at north north, I'm Ed Carmen develo. You're great at responding to everybody. I love it. Yeah. I try to because that's the way I am with people. I if people questioned me with something I try to get back. I'm tired of people asking me for the methods guy asked me today. Joe morocco. Leave me alone. You're not getting a method from that's the reason I'm on the air here to give out winners and have somebody. But Joe Morocco don't bother me anymore because you're not getting them out that I'm not giving you out the recipe, but we're having a great we're ready to pick out subletters carbon loves when I had him around a little bit batting cage. I'm getting off field. You know that? I'm having a little Spicer the Mazda Jolie a magician king. Maybe you know, give out a few little give away some secrets every now. And then, but a magicians not going to reveal everything I mean, really, that's your method. No, you can't you can't spill the beans on that people need to understand that you know, what everybody. I mean, you watch David Copperfield. Then you watch Penn and teller, and they're telling you how these magic tricks really happened and everything else the rabbit in the hat. Just explain that one to me. Okay. Because that's a miracle. It's a skinny table. There's nothing underneath that. There's nothing in the top at the guy goes hocus pocus domino. Cause any posts out a rabbit. I that's all I wanna know. Forget about the rest of the stuff. All right. So we'll go over the games a little bit more. I wanna talk to Mike now about hedging a little in the philosophy there because it's been a big topic of conversation this week, you know, in the old days, Mike, if you wanted to let's say you were sitting on a futures. You bet something of Egas and or with your guy and if. You want to do a sort of hedge protect yourself. You know, you needed to make a nother wager. There's this company out there now, and it's an interesting concept called prop swap where you can actually like in an auction. Put your futures ticket online, and then you can sell it. So you're not making a second wager. But if you'd like to sell your ticket, you can and I think some guy sold a ticket. He was sitting on at Auburn at fifty to one from the middle of the season. And he ended up selling it on this site for like six or seven thousand dollars. He just wanted to make sure that he got something. What are your thoughts on? This is kind of. It's a tough question to answer. It's pretty open ended. But like, what are your thoughts on how to hedge? And if it's a good idea this time of year, I think it's horrible idea for that guy to hedge. Because right now, he's looking for some rope. Okay. He's looking for a place to throw the rope over the beam like Brooks in Shawshank, Redemption. Because what happens if Auburn Wichita what you're gonna you're gonna feel stupid. I mean, you're gonna you know, it's the difference between collecting maybe fifty thousand dollars. I don't know how many units in. Yeah. Buddy on the odds aren't in favor of Auburn. But I mean, that's that's the tricky part. I feel like it is putting bad Mojo on things that that should really matter. But I don't like to hedge a whole heck of a lot. Because of that. Now, I'm also very rarely have I ever been sitting on an opportunity to maybe win fifty thousand dollars. I don't know what I would do if it was that substantial amount of money it it's tough. While here's what you don't. Do. You won't do it. Now, if he had held onto his first of all if he had held onto Auburn back all the way to now, then he's worth more than seven grant. Maybe he gets twenty grand maybe gets twenty five because now they're in the final four. And if you're asking me Auburn when if you've been watching the tournament. They can win. So now what I'm telling you is this guy's walking around. He's got seven granted his pocket probably most of its gone already and guide at balked at ticket. It was a good investment. Now, this guy that's got the ticket for the seven grant that he paid that guy. Kid sell right now today for how much car twenty fifth. Let's say they win. Let's say they win Saturday. Then that gets interesting. I mean because then. Well, then you could sell for almost thirty. Maybe you could go higher because if you're going to get fifty grand if you win or whatever it is. And you could sell for twenty twenty five you know, what? Or you can bet the other way, you know, there's things that you can do. But hedging to me like you said something earlier that was ample you've never been in that position, not many people have and I'm not a futures guy. Right. So I've never been in that position. But I will tell you this if he had held on that guy a little bit longer. Okay. At auburn. It may deterrment just in the first round he could've gotten more than seven grant for that. There's another guy out there with potential three hundred thousand dollar pay off on Matt Mooney and Texas Tech. He was looking to sell the ticket for sixty five thousand dollars on that same website. I don't think any he found any takers yet. But how about that? He'd bet fifteen hundred on the red raiders to win the national championship at two hundred one at the super book at the west gate, Las Vegas. I think he made the bet some. Time in November or December. If I'm remembering now, and he's got the chance of Texas Tech. And when two more games to win three hundred thousand dollars, but he could still put that up. Right. Yes. Baby up for sale. And like, you're you're right. I happen to think that he should sell that ticket. I happen to think you should sell their ticket. Maybe tomorrow maybe before the game. I'm not sure about Texas Tech as as far as going farther. We'll see, but it would be hard to give up that ticket with all the money that you can win. So, you know, it's a decision that every individual has to make it depends. What kinda money situation you're in? It's always that way with gambling some guy may thousand on a game another guy touch twenty-five. But I would tell you this. Would it be hard for you to give up that ticket right now because it would be hard for me to give up your you're in the final four. You're not than the players you need you want those players to win more than any student at that school or any coach then their head coach, you will have more infested. I mean, you know, what you might have to fly out there and jumping. You don't want to talk about talking about heartburn and heartache and forget about it. I mean, I couldn't imagine watching Saturday's game knowing that you had that kind of ticket. I really could. Here's what the guy that gave up to seven the got the seven grand for offered. He's almost hoping they loose. He often without. Yeah. You've got to. I mean, you don't want. You know, what I hope he wins? He took a chance and gave me seven no no way because that will haunt you for the rest of your born days fifty hundred histories, not necessarily on the side of Texas Tech, Auburn that doesn't really mean to take it for what it's worth it's just a historical trend, but since nineteen eighty five teams making their final four debut, and that's the case for Auburn, Texas Tech. They have gone four in ten straight up since two thousand and five favorites in the final four have gone thirty one and eleven straight up, according. To the action network. So it is a tough spot for Texas Tech and Auburn and both Virginia and Michigan state our favorites. This weekend Virginia's about a five and a half point favorite. But man, the way Auburn can shoot in the way the pace at which they play, you know, of anybody can maybe give Virginia some fits in Virginia likes to still even though they're better offensively might they like to slow it down. They like to limit the number possessions. But what happens when you do that is you'll I'm more variants the creep in in the way. Auburn shoots the three ball in just how fearless? They are in the way they've played. They've taken out Kentucky. They've taken on North Carolina. They've taken out Kansas. They got good Mojo going on right now. Those Auburn Tigers. Yeah. By Bruce pearly, come on. Now. He's America's most lovable cheater is. He not. There's nobody that what put your arms around the guy. Okay. He's he's at a couple of issues. You know and other pass Dylan, oy, Iowa, we all we don't want to go over to get. But I've never seen a guy. You know, you look at the Heim, and you go, you know, a lot of stuff happens with him. And then you look at other coaches that have been involved in scandals. And then you look at Bruce Pearl, and he just wanted to go out to dinner with them. You know, what I mean and hang out with them. And how did you pull it off and everything else? Like, I said, he's a guy that's a heck of a coach and by him and Kelvin Sampson. Both guys got back in and elevated the programs to to a point where. Yeah, the final four guys. We'll get Texas Tech. I mean them in the final four that was considered. Even when Bobby Knight went there. It's never going to happen and night. I think brought some identity to him because of who he was and regardless they'll never say to Texas Tech. But that was the first time I ever paid attention to Texas Tech. I think your estimates. Something right. Yeah. I do. I will continue to preview the final four. We're going to give you our plays coming up in a little bit Mike got his place right around the corner. Plus this week over unders were released for the NFL in twenty nineteen. I want to talk about the beer's number and some of the other teams, maybe some good value that we can find over those with Mike and a little bit hit us up on Twitter..

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