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It was like the premise and there is like one episode where there was like a teacup and like had like vines on it toys or the monkey. That was a monkey episode. They did the monkey paw which is a classic story. Yes yes yes. Yes series from like the eighties. That's hogan's series. Kind of what did you think of the stories did you. Were you happy with this season. I was a little like in belt like the used. A bunch of spec scripts like they were just like. Hey you wanna write a script. Permission horror stories and characters location. Let's do this and it just it got a little messy nude i. I was on board with the rubber girl. Yeah what do you guys mean. Bhai messy like production. Just don't know what a story with the story after that kind of the only have like an hour right so it kinda some of them felt rushed and not very four if that makes it was like they put a bunch of tuxedo and so it was just like it was that kind of situation but they do have the the newest newest season which is double feature which the first part takes place in province town giving away or gay secret. Yeah it's what do you think spot or something. Yeah they're dealing with like math. They're dealing with caught in macaulay. Culkin plays a hooker. Yeah i lines are like oh. Wow you look like a power top. They're on the dick. Doc mccully coconut culkin's like on this wonderful galleys and it makes me happy to see him like yeah doing. Yeah 'cause i'm like god. He's i forgot he's actually really. I'm a home alone head. Yeah i liked the seasons about like kinda vampire e but not really bio chemistry that holding about making the pills. What it is is that they have these pills that people can take you have real untapped talent passion something towards that it enhances it does is gives you a hunger and you can only blood..

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