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Board dot com. You'll get an email with an update on that on that mock draft whenever it comes out throughout the day whenever there's breaking news or anything else so make sure that you go over to nba big board dot com and subscribe so you get the latest mock draft from me but i want to talk about where we're at right now on wednesday night with the nba draft coming thursday. What i'm seeing right now. I'm going to stop updating that mock draft about an hour before the draft. Why because i'm going to go live on locked on. Nba podcast and you can go over and subscribe to their youtube channel locked on mba. I'm going to be with raphael barlow. John corrales we are going to do the entire draft about an hour before the draft starts at seven. Pm eastern. we're gonna go through the draft round one round two lots of analysis that can bring in oliver locked on. Podcast hosts for their local reaction is different teams. Make different selections. Then we'll do post game analysis and then even after that gonna do draft grades with raphael barlow for both the eastern and western conference. There's so much going on but before we jump there. I hope you're going to follow us. Live on draft night. Let's talk about this draft. Let's talk about my mock draft. It wasn't easy to put together You know this is one of those things where the phone calls are. Keep coming in. I just my phone just buzzed. Just a second ago right now with people and so. I wanted to take time out and say okay. Everything's a little bit quiet tonight. Here's what we're hearing from teams again. Things can change on thursday absolutely. But i wanna give you an idea of where we're at right now with the mock draft and that starts with the detroit pistons at one. We still have cade cunningham. Berry was number one hundred big board all year. He's been number one in every mock draft that we've done. I know there's some folks on the internet. Saint chad doesn't like kid cunningham. He's not number one. No he's number one on our big board number one on her mock draft. He was even number one my personal mock draft. I do think he is the number one. Pick in this draft. I do expect the detroit pistons to select him at number one. Now a couple of caveats there. They do like jalen green. He had a great workout there. There is some internal discussions within their front office about jalen green at number one two. They have talked to teams about trading down one two spots in the. I really haven't heard anything of trading out even further than that right now so there's the possibility that detroit could trade. However i think both of those things drafting jalen green or trading out of the number one pick are highly unlikely. I think that we're feeling right now. Like the most likely scenario is that We are going to be seeing the detroit pistons drafting cape cunningham at number one. I think i think pistons fans are going to be pretty stoked. I hear that at number two. I think the droughts is probably gonna go according to form. We're hearing jalen green. I going to the houston rockets. I think is gonna likely be jalen green going a number. To the rockets there have been some internal discussions about evan. Mobely there too but it seems like that is where the rockets are heavily leaning at this point and they are going to draft the most dynamic score in this draft a guy that can really drop. I think twenty five points night in the nba. He's probably gonna have some forty point games even as a rookie. He's just that dynamic of score. He's an incredible athlete. I'm really stoked about jalen. Greens future. he's a tier one prospect for me which means that. I believe that he can be a superstar. So i'm really excited about greece future and i think he's a really good fit in houston as well. I always felt like jalen. Greens best fit was in detroit. But i understand why the pistons would select kate cunningham number one. I think it's the safest choice i think. It's the least controversial. I think it's going to be awesome right away near one. I also think jalen green's pretty awesome and you're one to at least offense. I do think there's questions about his defense. Do there's questions about his passing ability getting other people involved in the game. all of that is legitimate. If you wanna take a few swipes at jalen green but to me. He is going to be electric. And i think he's going to be the guy that you see over and over again as someone who's really odd sportscenter night in night out got exci- it factor going to be the guy that's going to be marketed. I can understand why the rockets are high on him at two at three. That leaves the cleveland cavaliers. I think it will be evan mobely. Usc seven foot. Big man unicorn that can do just about everything he can handle the ball. He can shoot the basketball. He can block shots he can rebound. He can score in the post these skinny but he is an excellent athlete. He's really fluid. He's really guide to me. That i think is just so fascinating in what he can do and what ultimately he could be in the nba. I know i've got knocked by some people quoting a scout. That said he sort of chris bosh on offense and then anthony davis on defense. And i get it. I get that if you put those two together. You've got like one of the greatest players of all time. And i don't think that's exactly what the scout man. I just think it meant that. When when we think about chris bosh you think about offensive player. Who is solid defensively. But not great. Where mobley's defensive abilities remind him. A little bit of davis. I'm not saying that. The combination of those two is going to make him a greater player than at davis. For example who i think is one of the best players in the nba. I will say this about evan mobely if he gets it if all of those skills continue to get refined if he continues to improve as a shooter if he's able to continue to improve the ball handler passer and he continues to get stronger. I'm so that he can guard players in the post. He's got a shot at being a top five player in the nba..

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