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The bottom get sounds like a a place in this scenario you and i fish pretty recently almost the same situation exactly our it was you know down by the mr go along the missed a go down there poppy it by ups and there's there's a lot of areas i guess that would be the eastern side have dimissed ago that have washed out from the original channel over time it's delay in his wrote to win some and there's large pay in there well monistic though which sell you don't actually see any difference from the go go to wear your fishing other than urine five to eight feet of water and you know you know obviously the mr goes very deep not far away and those fish just migrate up in there as the water warms and feed on whenever they can get did you get any reports that the there was date plentiful because a day we we made such a great trip that that was the key there was a lot of bate the and the trout with feeding on him i was at the situation all is it not quite so fast and furious there were there were pelican dive in all around us the european right there were schools abate in the area and you would you would fish fifteen twenty minutes and you're might get a bite every five minutes and then a school would come by your area near you the bite every cast mobs throwbacks lot of small fish probably six or eight to warn they call it a lotta fish just didn't keep many yeah well that sounds like that would be the number one choice for people to go any other spots about the big lake pontchartrain to speak to anyone who is successful there and what about so the red fish shy anybody head over to biloxi marsh i haven't heard of any body hidden over to the blow up she mowers and it's interesting how the water right behind my lodges in the low fifty fifty three degrees but by the time you run south towards the missed go you get up to around fifty six fifty seven and then the shallow water the marsh right adjacent to the mrta go that's what you find a fifty eight to sixty degrees water and that's what else fish works ever seen or heard of anybody in the uh in the lake or the.

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