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News. Jennifer Wayne and me. I love the sound of this. What do you think about a deep freeze suitcase that would have Cove in 19 vaccines in it. Panic can because that's what visor is gonna have to have in order to distribute its cove in 19 vaccine because this is the one that needs to be kept and nearly minus 100 degrees, And this is where I know. A lot of medical experts are saying the Madonna one is going to be, um Far less of a logistical nightmare, I guess and its distribution because it can be just kept in the fridge where this one needs to be kept so cold, the distribution the distribution of the Fizer vaccine may very well be stopped cold on Penn intended, But let me go on. It wasn't that clever, But logistically the waited and it is 500 to 1000 doses in the suitcases, and it's only gonna last a week. And you have these small pharmacies. Let's say you have community pharmacies. They're going to get what 500 doses and it's going to be almost impossible in the special cooling and these neat, uh, suitcases that are filled with dry ice that costs well, I mean, they're not expensive. The Fizer, Uh, cooling systems are 20,000 bucks a pop. To keep the vaccine cold enough. So my guess is Fizer is going to disappear very quickly. If the Moderna the border, no vaccine comes in, and others that come in, that could be stored basically almost forever in a refrigerator. You know, vaccines are just kept in the refrigerator. Summer room. I'm assuming summer at room temperature. Correct me. If I'm wrong on that one. Someone can look that up where vaccines are either stored at room temperature or refrigerators. I don't know how many are kept frozen. Next to the turkeys. Right there at Ralph. You got the turkeys of frozen turkeys, and you always want to do fresh on guard. You go vaccines right next to it. At least I make shopping easier. I say something. Yes, certainly does. All right, Let me make a excuse me. Let me make a hard pull on this steering wheel. And get us back on the road. Um Jen, I'm so sorry because I know that you have a friendly relationship with our governor. But he's a massive tool..

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