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Your applications. Your resumes, your head shots, leaving your voice messages, all of this was super appreciated, and we actually had a hard time scheduling all of these. We had a hard time making choices and thank you to all the beautiful, ladies and guys. You know, we never asked for a guy but tense, but we got him. Thank you everybody that that called that sent those emails and photos. Well. Well, it's great. It really shocks me. Sometimes we have fans and they want to participate in the podcast with us. So let's not only that. But it blows my mind that anyone would date. Well, a lot of people want to date. You Luke, let's talk about some of your gates here. Now, what we would what we were thinking about is. You went on five or six dates we had you rate those dates in order from best to worst date and you've kind of assigned some points to those dates, so we gave the movie two points. So let's talk about one of your two point dates yearly. Okay. Just right off the bat changed the names of people involved. And I think the people involved probably know who they are. But I I don't want to incriminate them, especially on a two point date. This was the Carson family Marsin. Devon Carson are the family. Are the sorry are the parents of nine children for whom are single? And I went on a groups. Style date with the whole family all eleven Carson. Now, did you know it was a group from the beginning or? Here's the thing. I I I had no clue. I thought I was being set up with one young lady pepper by her mother. And then when I show up I meet pepper, and I meet the cars and clan to they're all there. Where'd you go there? Always. Yeah. Well, I took them to fortunately book. It a Beppo had the buffet table availables a big family room available. It was a slow night. It was a Tuesday. And we started the day earlier four thirty. So we were able to get in to that banquet room and get everybody seated, and that's an Italian style. Pathet? Well, yeah, it's like an Italian. They like set it up a family style. I guess I said buffet wrong, right? Yeah. They sit up family style with with big. Trays of lasagna. So you have the whole fan great. How how are the people? How was Carson families? Well, the Carson family right off the bat sort of raise some red flags immediately. Devon, the Carson dad was asking for Matt ID and my credit card information. And what he was saying was that he wanted to do a background check on me. Make sure that I was who I said I was and good enough for for pepper his daughter and did require your social security numbers. Well. I gave him the social thinking that he was just going to run it through reputable company, but weird things have been coming up in my Email ever since. Well, I mean for for as long as I was able to access my Email now, I can't even get into it. So I'm dealing with some problems with that. And I think maybe they might be. I don't know. There was just some strange things that were happening with the family dinner. Go you finish your lasagna's. Great dinner was great. Oh, yeah. The food. It was awesome. And everybody a very well. The thing was me and pepper hit it off nicely. You know, we sat there. She was on my right side on my left side was their only son's Bryce, and I had I was able to sort of break away. From the family and sit down out of single table was Bryce and pepper. And then the youngest daughter, Emily. You know, right off the bat. I told Brice that I wasn't interested in guys. But the family seemed to be pressuring me to spend more time with him. And that was a little awkward for me. But you know, I entertain the idea though. Oh needed someone to play fortnight with us, right? Well, he kept putting his foot on my body under the table. And different ways that I wasn't totally comfortable with. But you know, I'm. I can take control of the situation. All right. Just sort of took control the situation and made them put his shoes back on, you know..

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