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Yeah so is. His wife has a is. An avid gamer has a twitter account and she plays call of duty on their on the regular But he said you know he saw like The guys the chicago bears. God's plan on twitter. Which is he's thought was kinda so we wrote this whole thing on read it and apparently for once on read it. Something wasn't bullshit but what a crazy place to listen areas usually. It's my job right now. Is if you think. Racism is gone. Just wait until the game opens up at the end of a match on collar duty. Jesus christ's dude and like it's not even do so one story. We talked about four or five months ago where a guy was playing college duty and just because of like the kind of the icon picture and and that kind of stuff. You posted nobody. He was playing with knew that he was black. And you know he didn't quote unquote sound black And so He wound up basically becoming gaming friends with like the local chapter of the kkk. All my god on and and so. And and then like one of them like started looking like started figuring out who he was based on his gamertag and that kind of stuff And duck back and found him on facebook because it was funny. Because one of the guys is a god dude. I got a sister. She's looking for a guy yet. Indiana and then and then they all like apparently they all went quiet and like went off into a separate chat and came back and he was like you know you amer. Fm and menon I was with my sister environment. You're in up but then it's like eight nine ten eleven twelve year old kids you're like i'll pre puberty kids with their voices like the ones that sale the nastiest most vile. And it's like i would. We have done when we were kids are like i. Don't i'd like to think not. It's not like we're like you. What i'm to buy your house and bang your mom if you don't shut up like it makes ago. Kids causing a ruckus and he's like. How old are you old man. And i said i'm old enough to buyers and beg your mom. And i'm like i'm there. I shouldn't have done that now. I just mute. Now it's like we don't play now it's just like literally as me and tulio and mark and we played and maybe neil a joe if he comes on but like when i'm not playing with no and we were not allowing anyone else that nothing..

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