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Was like a teeny bopper phil right and so everybody age and older never even would've looked at that movie because it looked like a it looked like just early beatles you know what i mean it looked just like a little teeny bopper love story the point of this film is it's cross generational it's cross across the world is that was the thing i said i can't do a movie called all you need is love and it was a battle i said you can't call it all you need is love you can end with all you need is love but in order to earn a title like all you need is love you have to put the audience and the characters through hell you have to put them through an experience so that when you sing those words you've earned that place and judas lost the girl and he singing all you need is love and after they've fallen apart and see that they are at odds in their world view they still know that there is a thread that connects them and it's so it has a bitter sweetness to it and that was a battle that when you fight these battles especially if you're a female director ten years ago or whatever i don't know if it's changed yet but you become a difficult quote difficult person and then people think that you're you know it's it's we all believed everybody who worked in that film loved it and loved working on it and was so excited and we had phenomenal the poster that you can see now on the fathom site the underwater that was the poster we wanted that was the poster in great britain but somebody said oh it's too psychedelic at the time and they wanted this cutesy would see thing well the beatles have the cutesy woodsy and it's in there the little girls with it won't be long yeah yeah yeah yeah that's got its moment which is the right moment and the right sentiment but that's that's the girl who's going to go out and say i i'd lie down in front of a tank on the streets if it would bring if it would bring match home and that's that's the evolution not a simple love story i've read all good and bad reviews but one when when people say it's a simple story no it's a love story but they don't fall in love right away she goes through she goes through that loss of a boyfriend and she they struggle together and then they're not he's about himself he's about a one i'm an artist i wanna live my life also he's an illegal alien so we can't really become part of the movement and she she really has decided that the politics of the day take precedence over the personal and i think that too big dilemma in america i think that america's always i think that the two sides of the coin the altruism and the narcissist or the selfish that we are the ones who are supposed to represent democracy and represent free represent all that is the best of human beings and you can make as much money as you want you can be your own person the me me me generation you know i'm not having it's it's it's really two sides that are fighting each other all the time you know do are we model our what is america represents america for americans who is american for god's sakes who owns this work the mexicans here wasn't california mexico texas mexico i always die when you see these immigrants from mexico call that they are trespassing are you kidding me what about the native american so we know all of that but we keep getting it and so ends and other addition of happy side confused remember to review right and subscribe to the show on june's or wherever you get your focus on the big poke i'm david lee and i definitely both of spy jones.

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