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Three, one, nine, nine, six, because I think it's safe to say this is abundantly clear readily apparent to even the most casual observer. Well, there is no end to the media bias against President Trump. And those who support him? All right. You basket of deplorables you know. I'm talking to you. From one of you. The News. That Steve Steve scully. Steve scully. Now you remember this right C. Span he lied about being hacked. He's lied before to hide a message to the Mooch now in the anti-trumpers Anthony Scaramucci is. It's kind of no ordinary moment. Think about it. Isn't it a pretty good confirmation That, as Michael Goodwin writes in The New York Post, the cancer of partisanship has eaten away at the heart of fairness and integrity at nearly all of the nation's leading media outlets. I think part of the problem is and check me on this calibrate me on this if I am wrong. Too many. So called journalists. They no longer see their role. As reporting the news. Now. It's more of a mission these days. Taking sides and twisting facts. To. Basically, make them fit a particular narrative. Now. Bombshell about scully. who was picked again to moderate the second presidential debate, but now suspended from c-span indefinitely. Well. That on the same day that was yesterday that big tech revealed that it too is absolutely rotten to the core. Twitter and facebook are blatantly wielding their enormous power. To keep Americans from learning pretty sordid truth. About. Joe, Biden's involved more involvement which category denies. With son Hunters Business? Schemes. Their Democrat protection plan involves the refusal to let their users share the Post report that in email shows the former vice president with an adviser to parise Ma again that Ukrainian energy company that put Hunter Biden on its board for a reported eighty, three thousand dollars a month. Is Probably. More. For the significance of that email that Joe Biden always claimed he didn't know anything about his son's business and never even talk to him about it. But as we told you this morning, there was a twenty fifteen email this adviser this Vadym for Sqi thanked Hunter Biden for the opportunity to meet your father and spend some time to gather. But hearing about this. In.

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