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Join me money chesterton the science and innovations hoping to stop the blur that's after the bbc bulletin bbc news with eileen mccue journalist has been killed in the latest clashes between the police and antigovernment protestors in nicaragua president daniel ortega has promised to review the pension reforms that led to the protests but the demonstrators say talks can only begin after the government has stopped violent repression talks on ending the political crisis in armenia have ended within minutes of starting the televised talks broke up after the protest leader nicole passion yon said he would only discuss the resignation of the prime minister's sarah circassian a former president whom he accuses of trying to cling onto power causing mr circassian two walkout french politicians intellectuals and religious leaders have signed an impassioned manifesto urging action against what they termed a new anti semitism they condemn what they call quiet ethnic pershing driven by increasing slimmest radicalism abetted by media silence iran says it's ready to start enriching uranium again if president trump scraps the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the agreement lifted economic sanctions softer tehran limited its nuclear program but mr trump honk us it favors iran and once the european signatories to have a new agreement ready next month being a suicide bomb attack outside a voter registration station in the afghan capital kabul at least four people were killed when the assailant detonated explosives apparently targeting people queuing outside the building russia says nine suspected militants plotting a terrorist act of being killed in the southern mainly muslim region of dagestan the operation was carried out by special forces in two areas in the city of derby on saturday european union and mexico say they have reached an agreement in principle on a new free trade deal the european commission said practically all bilateral trade in goods including agricultural produce would be dutyfree abc news.

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