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So chris this is something that we were going back and forth on before we started recording. The show is who sticks around on the roster and before we get into that conversation. I think we need to just hit on these backup players. The last three that have been listed at edge rushing roles or coughlin who was a rookie. Last year played. Mostly special teams did get some opportunities to get on. The field. didn't look all that great nassim to do some stuff that i don't think he was very comfortable doing and there was a reason why we saw him struggle. But then there's also trent harris and then there's also garrett kale so these three guys separate from some of the other names that we mentioned are probably the love most likely to get cut maybe or coughlin lands himself onto the practice squad but they have the biggest uphill battle to make this roster. Yeah i would agree with that. I think the giants like car coughlin. He is a guy who he's got a really strong work ethic he's got a great motor. He's a better athlete than i think he gets credit for but like you said when he got on the field he struggled. Yeah i think he could be in a battle with cam brown for that back end of the roster primarily special teams role with a chance to work as we on the field and defense. But he's going to have to pick it up because brown in that area does have a head start on him. Trent hair scare kale. I think the guys to watch in training camp but like you said they've got an uphill battle we also do have to pay attention to the numbers game. You know. we've got three guys. We think are going to have a sizeable share of the snap. Count and then. We've got four guys. We have a strong presence as a rotation. do the giants keep seven edge players. Or is it just six. Could ellison smith not cam brown off the bat off the back end of the roster and they basically just keep five down defensive lineman and six ed rushers unfortunately when we when you get as many bodies at a position as the giants have right now. The numbers game starts to be a very real consideration and giants could wind up being forced to make difficult decision with a guy they would really rather keep on their roster that i think is going be the largest debate that will be having in regards to this defense. And who makes the roster. Because you can't really say like oh it. You know the it makes sense. They've got a deep group. They're gonna keep seven guys. Look at the secondary. The secondary is the most crowded group on the roster and they're going to need spaces extra spaces. I think more than most teams to keep a lot of these guys on the roster and there's going to be somebody that is going to be cut. I think from the edge rushers or the defensive line. That is a recognizable name that we would have hoped would have at least gotten maybe a season or two more before. They parted ways with the giants and the two guys that i look at the most. That might be in that conversation because realistically it's probably going to be six it might. There's even a possibility might be five. I don't think that's going to happen. But there are going to be some serious constraints on how many edge rushers they can keep in the to that. I think come into play the most four competing for a roster spot right now even though they weren't doing so really last year is kim brown and is o'shane shane's inez. Like right now. The two of them i think of the most approve because they brought in some veteran free agents. They're going to give some of those guys. I think a little bit more the benefit the doubt because they've actually gotten more reps in live games. They've been competitive for other teams and they were basically hand selected to step into roles that were unproductive last year. If you have to go out and get guys in free agency for your positions. That usually means that the coaching staff is looking for competition. And they weren't necessarily impressed with what you showed so far. So oceans jimenez cam brown. I think right now are probably the biggest guys that might be surprised in the end of training camp yet and i really do feel there will be at least one surprise. Cut out of this group. We could even flag lorenzo carter as a potential surprise cut in the giants loved to turn the back into their roster. I'm not saying. Carter is going to be back under the roster type guy but they could find somebody to play that will linebacker position and if carter's injury lingers if they're just not happy with his development you know they really feel he should be an edge rusher and he is just not there yet They could decide. Hey we we just don't have any more time to spend trying to develop you. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and we could see them maybe try to pounce on edge rusher that maybe a team like the browns or the forty niners teams with incredibly deep defenses. Cut i think that the edge group the linebacker group is probably going to be in the in the tightest constraints which you can consider some of these guys to be off ball linebacker slash slash edge rushers but considering the players they have along the defensive line and then most specifically the secondary is going to really force out some players because as we know this defense has been built around the secondary it is built around having quarterback stand there for extended periods of time until the defensive line in the edge. Rushers eventually get there. That is what has been the bread and butter. Maybe the approach alters slightly but it seems like the money and the effort that was spent in free agency there is going to be a huge emphasis still on the secondary. And we'll we'll talk about the safeties and the corners on separate shows and we'll probably talk about other surprise. Names that are recognizable players that are going to get cut from those groups but separate from that chris. I think with our backups. Here carter coffin. Trent harris gear kale are in a bit of a tight squeeze. We don't really know. A whole lot from trenton harrison garrett kale i think the more that's surprising but the more recognizable name is not going to make this for pretty much guarantee is carter coughlin. I just don't see a way that he squeaks into the roster unless they're obsessed with how he plays as a special teamer but it's just gonna be too tough for him considering all the guys ahead of him considering his limitations as an athlete and then we saw him struggle in various things last season when they asked him to get on the field and play more. Yeah he's going to have to make a pretty big jump in his play like just an incremental improvement. That'll be nice. But i don't think that's going to make enough to get him on the final fifty three man roster and yet. There's just one other thing i want to note. And that is the loss of rep. Yelma your i know. We're this is really a position group preview. But i think the giants losing their outside linebackers coach. He went back to coach at the college ranks. That's something i think. We were all expected expecting to see at some point but we did. Even though the giants pass rushers weren't a really impact group last year. we did see lorenzo. Carter take a step forward before he got hurt. We saw cuyler. Fakher will make some plays on. The giants didn't get a whole lot of out of marcus golden but when he was on the field last year he had an impact. And i'm just curious to see what another coaching change at that unit. Losing a guy who's very well regarded as a linebackers as a defensive coach. What effect that has no whether or not some of these young guys who were there last year maybe take a step backward without p. l. madera to coach them up some more. That's always going to be a big conversation point as well as there's been some rotations along this coaching staff. Who knows what we see. We see improvements. Do we see some set-backs that's going to be another thing as well where those relationships with some of the younger guys you have new face in there he's not really gonna go to bat for potentially guys that weren't around last season so we'll be tracking that as always we're going to be discussing and breaking down you.

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