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Right. Right. And I have to admit even as I've been doing this many many years and race many dogs. But my initial reaction was discovered bones because I haven't had a dog. Correct. A teenager the way he does as fast as loud. Then what I realized that the puppy was never hurt that I had to okay, deep breath. And then I would just say bones. That's enough. Thank you. And that helped bones take his stress level down to in make some more appropriate corrections, and it started to make you aware of the things that you're teenager was doing. Right. And you can start pre-empting him. Right. This two things bones. Does not accept and it comes down to two things that happened to him when he was a puppy. He does not like any dog to body slam him, and he doesn't like to be grabbed from above by by another dog. And so when either of those or worship both of those happen. He does react. And once I figured it out. It made sense. Okay. I see what's going on. So now, I can prevent it from happening. But I will say even though he's fast. He's a very good teacher. They do. Learn. Russian. Yeah, they do. So. Well, anyway, some things to help survive this period because that's what's important. You know now that you're puppies going to go through lessons. So what can we do first of all training, even if you started pumping training keep that at lesson brain busy? I did a lot of trick trading with hero during that stage. And we took consumers therapy dot class. He's not mentally ready to deserve dog work, but kept his brain going, but kept Taty missed things and kept his Franko..

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